Found Guilty Quotes


When a person is found not guilty, they're found not guilty. And it doesn't matter if it's a murder case, it doesn't matter what case it is, when they're found not guilty, they're not guilty. R Kelly

Casey Anthony was found not guilty. This means that President Obama's economic team is only the second-most clueless group in America. Jay Leno

Martha Stewart was found guilty on all charges. You know what that means, stripes are in this year. Jay Leno

Friendship is like those ancient altars where the unhappy, and even the guilty, found a sure asylum. Sophie Swetchine

If anyone is found guilty, I will step on them. Glenn Hoddle

When a person is found less guilty than he is suspected, he is concluded more innocent than he really is. Charlotte Lennox

The judge is found guilty when a criminal is acquitted. Publilius Syrus

To have the truth in your possession you can be found guilty, sentenced to death. Peter Tosh

I come from the liberal side of thinking: Better one guilty man should walk free than one innocent man found guilty. Ian Mcshane

Earlier today, the jury at the Martha Stewart trial reached a verdict. Martha was found guilty on all charges. In a related story, there's a huge sale at K-Mart. Conan O'Brien

Casey Anthony was found not guilty. This means that President Obama's economic team is only the second-most clueless group in America. Jay Leno

I would much rather be found guilty of making a serious mistake in judgment, than to be accused of being even a little bit insincere. John Quincy Adams

A jury of my countrymen, it is true, have found me guilty of the crime of which I stood indicted. For this I entertain not the slightest feeling of resentment towards them. Thomas Francis Meagher

My government will be open. Anyone found guilty of corruption will be dealt with in accordance with the law. If you are corrupt you will have to hang your boots. George Weah

A fact is a simple statement that everyone believes. It is innocent, unless found guilty. A hypothesis is a novel suggestion that no one wants to believe. It is guilty, until found effective. Edward Teller

I've resisted pronouncing a sentence before guilt is found. I still have this old-fashioned notion that even with people like Osama, who is very likely to be found guilty, we should do our best not to, in positions of executive power, not to prejudge jury trials. Howard Dean

It may be that the requirement of a preliminary approval by the Grand Jury, of all accusations of a serious nature, justified the boast that a man was presumed to be innocent until he was 'found' guilty; but that presumption certainly ceased to have practical application, so soon as the Grand Jury had returned a 'true bill'. Edward Jenks

A jury found former Enron sleezeballs Ken Lay and Jeff Skilling guilty of fraud and conspiracy. Ken Lay? That's not a good name to have when you're going to prison. And Kenny Boy ain't too good either. ... I guess in prison they'll have done to them what they did to the stockholders. Jay Leno

Working on 'Scrubs' made me feel guilty because I realized that if I had decided to become an actual doctor, instead of just playing one, I could probably have found a cure to cancer within five years. Zach Braff

(They) were found guilty of continuing to promote the merits of Laetrile in cancer therapy in violation of terms of probation they had originally secured following their 1973 conviction. Ernst T. Krebs



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