Foreign Affairs Quotes


The U.S. public is depoliticised, poorly informed on foreign affairs... and strongly patriotic in the face of a struggle with another Hitler. Even though the public is normally averse to war, even with modest propaganda efforts... the public can be quickly transformed into enthusiastic supporters of war. Edward S. Herman

Almost everything Truman did in foreign affairs I approve of. Stephen Ambrose

It's simply not true that Donald Trump has no experience in foreign affairs. Hell, two of his foreign affairs resulted in marriages! Michael R. Burch

Domestic policy can only defeat us; foreign policy can kill us. John F Kennedy

Of all the joint ventures in which we might engage, the most productive, in my view, is educational exchange. I have always had great difficulty-since the initiation of the Fulbright scholarships in 1946-in trying to find the words that would persuasively explain that educational exchange is not merely one of those nice but marginal activities in which we engage in international affairs, but rather, from the standpoint of future world peace and order, probably the most important and potentially rewarding of our foreign-policy activities. J William Fulbright

We have the responsibility to ensure that our first impulse in foreign affairs is one of bipartisanship. Richard Lugar

Neville Chamberlain looked at foreign affairs through the wrong end of a municipal drainpipe. Winston Churchill

It would be the irony of fate if my administration had to deal chiefly with foreign affairs. Woodrow Wilson

I've always had a weakness for foreign affairs. Mae West

Americans are inclined to see the world and foreign affairs in black and white. Richard Kerry

The humanitarian would, of course, have us meddle in foreign affairs as part of his program of world service. Irving Babbitt

My every decision on trade, on taxes, on immigration, on foreign affairs will be made to benefit American workers and American families. Donald Trump

The limitations imposed by democratic political practices makes it difficult to conduct our foreign affairs in the national interest. Dean Acheson

The very phrase 'foreign affairs' makes an Englishman convinced that I am about to treat of subjects with which he has no concern. Benjamin Disraeli

I don't believe I'll ever get credit for anything I do in foreign affairs, no matter how successful it is, because I didn't go to Harvard. Lyndon B Johnson

Some reasonable term ought to be allowed to enable aliens to get rid of foreign and acquire American attachments; to learn the principles and imbibe the spirit of our government; and to admit of a probability at least, of their feeling a real interest in our affairs. Alexander Hamilton

This is the devilish thing about foreign affairs: they are foreign and will not always conform to our whim. James Reston

This is the very devilish thing about foreign affairs: they are foreign and will not always conform to our whim. James Reston

When diplomacy ends, War begins. Adolf Hitler

...foreign policy is a matter of costs and benefits, not theology. Fareed Zakaria



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