Foreign Accents Quotes


Laughter has no foreign accent. Paul B. Lowney

How come foreign accents are so sexy? If I say, 'I'm going to the store,' it sounds boring, benign and rudimentary. But if it's said with an accent, it sounds fundamentally cool. Rachel Nichols

Do you know what a foreign accent is? It's a sign of bravery. Amy Chua

He would always speak the language of the heart with an awkward foreign accent. Orson Scott Card

I'm completely Americanized - I have an American accent, an American wife - but a residue of me is foreign. Dinesh D'Souza

There is no single advantage a woman of truly enduring fascination can possess that is so splendid as speaking with a foreign accent, whatever her origin. Carole Nelson Douglas

If my accent betrayed my foreign birth, it also stamped me as an enemy, in the imagination of the producers. Bela Lugosi

I have an accent, I'm limited, I have to play foreign parts - I would love to play American parts but I can't because I have an accent. You are more limited as a foreigner in every area. Olivier Martinez

People have asked me why are Australians and Brits so good at American accents, and it's quite simple. We grew up listening to the American sound on our TV. That's why American actors have a hard time with foreign accents. Dominic Purcell

I'd never gotten to do an accent for anything that I've done, so that was really appealing because I love doing accents. Ever since I was a kid, I made it my business to try to mimic foreign accents, so it was really fun to be able to do that. I was really working on the accent to try to make it really good. Megalyn Echikunwoke

Everybody loves an accent. It you've been unlucky in love, consider pulling up stakes and moving to another country. Then you'll be the one with a neat foreign accent. Marilyn Vos Savant

If I have a foreign accent-which I much regret-it is cosmopolitan, but not Teutonic. I am a daughter of the great Jewish race, and my somewhat uncultivated language is the outcome of our enforced wanderings. Sarah Bernhardt

I like doing accents and I like learning as much as I can learn Jaime King

His scowl returned. "Why, if they're supposed to be Greek, are all of them speaking with an English accent?" She laughed. "Didn't you know that British is, like, the universal 'foreign' language in Hollywood? They use it in any movie where they want to have a foreign feel to it, regardless of where it's set Sherrilyn Kenyon

We hear foreign accents on CNN. It's crazy, it's wild, who knows, maybe they'll take you because you certainly don't fit in, in the American spectrum of news. Christiane Amanpour

I was kidnapped by aliens, they came down from outer space with ray guns, but I fooled them by wearing a wig and laughing in a foreign accent, and I escaped. Neil Gaiman

And it is a singular truth that, though a man may shake off national habits, accent, manner of thinking, style of dress,-though he may become perfectly identified with another nation, and speak its language well, perhaps better than his own,-yet never can he succeed in changing his handwriting to a foreign style. Benjamin Disraeli

The foreign accent was a promise, and indeed, all over the country, European imports added spice to the sciences, the arts, and other areas. What one had to give was not considered inferior to what one received. Rudolf Arnheim

Frankly, I do not know how to effect a permanency in American foreign policy. Franklin D Roosevelt

My subconscious speaks in a foreign language. Deb Caletti



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