Food Advertising Quotes


For every $1 advertisers spend advertising something healthful like apples, they spend $500 advertising junk food. Raj Patel

[I]t's not the advertising, it's the dog food. Every time anybody has a look at it or has a lick of it, they don't like it. Charles Krauthammer

I don't have many expenses as a college student (mostly food) so I'm able to put advertising revenue right back into the production of new videos. Marques Brownlee

There are no insect eggs in my food." Mrs. White reiterated. You should use that in your advertising," Nate suggested. Brandon Mull

I came literally to the table with a wealth of knowledge by simply understanding how food should taste. Rocco Dispirito

Advertising mourishes the consuming power of men. It sets up before a man the goal of a better home, better clothing, better food for himself and his family. It spurs individual exertion and greater production. Winston Churchill

As I see it, fast food outfits have targeted small children with their advertising in a very effective way. You know, it's clowns and kid's toys and bright colors and things like that. Anthony Bourdain

It is not "just beer," it is a noble and ancient beverage which, like wine, food and television advertising, can be extraordinarily good or unmercifully bad. Stephen Beaumont

Jazz is the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Herb Pomeroy

We are spending millions, if not billions of dollars every year on programs to fight the childhood obesity epidemic while giving almost $2 billion of taxpayer money to the junk food and fast food industries to make the epidemic worse. Dennis Kucinich

Congress should ban advertising that preys upon children, it should stop subsidizing dead-end jobs, it should pass tougher food safety laws, it should protect American workers from serious harm, it should fight against dangerous concentrations of economic power. Eric Schlosser

Soup is just a way of screwing you out of a meal. Jay Leno

A large percentage of those living in developed societies are told what brand of soda they should drink, what cigarettes they should smoke, what clothes and shoes they should wear, what they should eat and what brand of food they should buy. Their political ideas are supplied in the same way. Every year a trillion dollars is spent on advertising. Fidel Castro

As a culture, we've become upset by the tobacco companies advertising to children, but we sit idly by while the food companies do the very same thing. And we could make a claim that the toll taken on the public health by a poor diet rivals that taken by tobacco. Michael Moss

Marmite - like that other little black-jar job, Bovril - is so much a Mark 1 staple-of-Empire brand, so much part of the Edwardian world of enamel advertising signs, the history of grin-and-bear-it industrial food. Peter York

Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants. Michael Pollan

Good food is very often, even most often, simple food. Anthony Bourdain

First we eat, then we do everything else. M F K Fisher

I like food. I like eating. And I don't want to deprive myself of good food. Sarah Michelle Gellar

I love food, I love eating. Robin Gibb



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