Female Boss Quotes


Being the boss anywhere is lonely. Being a female boss in a world of mostly men is especially so. Robert Frost

If a female employee is offended, a boss would like her to tell him, not sue him. Warren Farrell

I write a little bit about what it's like to be a female boss in my book [ Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?] and the things I've noticed about that, but by and large, it's just a tough job in general. Mindy Kaling

I don't want to boss anyone and I don't want to be bossed. Audrey Niffenegger

...while everyone's focusing on keeping the boss happy, who's focusing on keeping the customer happy? James Hunter

I would say any film can be called feminist that has female characters who have agency in their life, that are in charge of their fate or do important things or take up half the space. I would consider a film feminist, I don't care what it's about, but if the cast was gender balanced, where it would be just as likely that the boss or the best friend or whoever was female. It's really as simple as showing women being in charge of their destiny and giving female characters a voice. Geena Davis

My poetry definitely comes out of a female body. Rachel Zucker

I'm attracted to films that have strong female characters because there are strong female characters in my life. Ryan Gosling

Employers should not be able to impose their religious beliefs on female employees, ignoring their individual health decisions and denying their right to reproductive care. Bosses belong in the boardroom, not in the bedroom. Dina Titus

The first step to stringing the boss up from a lamppost is saying the boss is a moron. Ted Rall

The boss drives people; the leader coaches them. The boss depends on authority; the leader on good will. The boss inspires fear; the leader inspires enthusiasm. The boss says I; The leader says WE. The boss fixes the blame for the breakdown; the leader fixes the breakdown. The boss says, GO; the leader says Lets GO! Harry Gordon Selfridge

I'm really attracted to strong women. Let me rephrase that, I'm really attracted to strong female characters. Portia De Rossi

I wanted to have very strong female characters. I just thought it was always the way the world should be. Elizabeth Hand

Everyone needs to get more comfortable with female leaders-including female leaders themselves. Sheryl Sandberg

The nationalism I seek is one that decolonizes the brown and female body as it decolonizes the brown and female earth Cherrie Moraga

There is no female Mozart because there is no female Jack the Ripper. Camille Paglia

Those who act as if they know more than their boss seldom do. Malcolm Forbes

I'm just as famous as my mentor... but that's still the boss don't get sent for Drake

I am no big shot. I am not anybody's boss. I want to be everybody's servant. Jimmy Carter

I said 'boss' and I meant that, advance you spent that Corvette so clean, you'll think Bruce Springsteen rent that Rick Ross



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