Feeling Out of Place Quotes


I think in L.A., in terms of the music scene, it's a really strange place. It's really hard to get the feeling that something's happening, or the feeling that something can make it out of there. Aleksa Palladino

Writing about a place is, of course, one good way of feeling close to it, feeling you have made something out of your interaction with that place. It's like a marker of your own experience, of that time in your life. Sean Michael Wilson

...concepts are related to the senses; and, when feeling takes place, wisdom is shut out. Huangbo Xiyun

Being a kid, as all kids do, you feel out of place or like kind of a freak. You wake up feeling like your head got put onto someone else's body that day. John Hawkes

I think my sound differentiates me from everyone else. I'm able to dip and dabble in other genres, without feeling out of place. Im not confined to one sound. Iceberg Slim

There's a difference between wanting to appear confident and actually feeling confident. I think there have been many times when I've overcompensated for how nervous or out of place I feel. I was like that at school. James Corden

Generally, I liked feeling able to connect with millions of women on a very deep level. It felt special that women especially would cut out my strip and place it on a refrigerator. Cathy Guisewite

Then I sit down, work at it, because now I have a convincing feeling about what that place wants to be, you see? And it's not just me. Me and my talent comes in taking that consensus and then making something wonderful out of it - a work of art. Lawrence Halprin

You're playing a role, but you're still feeling it. You can walk away from it after 'Cut,' but if you're playing a sad or mixed-up person, it's hard to stay in that place for these longish period of times. You kind of have to check out. Nick Nolte

You're a watchful guy. you know where that comes from?" I shook my head. "It comes from feeling out of place," he said. "Believe me. I know. Mohsin Hamid

Comedy crowds - we always want to come out and ask you, 'How you feeling?' We always say that, 'By a round of applause, how do you feel?' Right? 'By a round of applause, how you feeling?' It's the only place in the world that you judge how you're feeling by a round of applause... There's never like a car accident, people all over the ground, people running over - 'Ma'am! Ma'am! By a round of applause, how do you feel? By a round of applause - she's not clapping! Dane Cook

I have this feeling that if I could sort out what's on my dining room table, everything would fall into place. Alan Rickman

I love working out and when I'm home. I love the feeling of walking out of a class. That's just an addictive feeling for me. Tara Lipinski

A profusion of fancies and quotations is out of place in a love-letter. True feeling is always direct, and never deviates into by-ways to cull flowers of rhetoric. Christian Nestell Bovee

I definitely understand not entirely fitting in. I think everyone has their own version of feeling out of place and I think one of the great things we have the ability to do is to know it's all right. It's OK to have that awkward phase. Rumer Willis

It is the place of feeling that binds us or frees us. Jack Kornfield

My feeling is that anarchists have to think in terms of a specific. I think the dispersal of anarchists all over the place, particularly very gifted ones who can turn out periodicals and do very effective public work, and their tendency to just pick up and take off is a liability. Murray Bookchin

Being in grief, it turns out, is not unlike being in love. In both states, the imagination's entirely occupied with one person. The beloved dwells at the heart of the world, and becomes a Rome: the roads of feeling all lead to him, all proceed from him. Everything that touches us seems to relate back to that center: there is no other emotional life, no place outside the universe of feeling centered on its pivotal figure. Mark Doty

I don't want to be like, yes, I think the American answer is always stupid, or I think it's always the right answer. So I'm in this weird place there. I'm feeling it out. Cambodia is going through an enormous amount of change right now. Daily. Anne Elizabeth Moore

I would help others, out of a fellow-feeling. Robert Burton



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