Favourite Places Quotes


London is one of my favourite places to come to overseas. Phife Dawg

My favourite place to eat is my grandma's kitchen. She makes a mean crab cake. Karlie Kloss

We also have favourite place in France, called Charlot Premier in Nice, which does excellent oysters. Roger Moore

My favourite place in the world to run is Stanley Park in Vancouver. One loop around there is perfect. Matthew Morrison

I don't spend a lot of my time in the locker room. That's my least favourite place in the world. Maria Sharapova

Scotland is one of my favourite places to perform: it's really something special. Scottish audiences are just so enthusiastic; their approach to dance music just feels similar to my own somehow. Moby

Toronto is amazing, it's one of my favourite cities to visit. Toronto and Montreal are just super dope places. G-Eazy

Toronto's one of my favourite places. If I were to move anywhere out of California, it would be Toronto. Definitely. Kendrick Lamar

In India, there are lots of places that I love, but my favourite is Kashmir. Chiranjeevi

Ive spent so much time the last seven, eight years in Los Angeles, away from my family, away from my friends, away from the city that is my favourite place to be and I just want to come here and have a proper life. Nicholas Lea

I love being on the beach - it's my favourite place. I can chill out, read, listen to music, play with my daughter. Geri Halliwell

I'm probably going to get in trouble for this but 'American Dad' is one of my favourite shows. It gets very dark in places but the jokes are there. Donald Glover

Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm. Abraham Lincoln

Many of my favourite hotels are in London. I like the Covent Garden Hotel and I stayed at Blakes last time I was in London. I like the feeling of warmth and homeliness that you get from both of those places. Diego Luna

I can't switch time zones any more. London is one of my favourite places, but I'm always so zonked that I can't appreciate it. It's like a six-inch sheet of glass between me and Charing Cross Road. Douglas Coupland

I can't 'make' you love me. But I can fill my pantry with your favourite snacks and offer you a weekly stipend of $75. Rob Delaney

There are no unsacred places; there are only sacred places and desecrated places. Wendell Berry

Whats my favourite book? It changes all the time. Kevin Spacey

I don't have a favourite book, I have hundreds. John Green

My favourite thing is to be somebody else, no longer be me. Andie Macdowell



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