Fathers Authority Quotes


Who does not see that the same authority which can establish Christianity, in exclusion of all other Religions, may establish with the same ease any particular sect of Christians, in exclusion of all other Sects? James Madison

The study of theology, as it stands in Christian churches, is the study of nothing; it is founded on nothing; it rests on no principles; it proceeds by no authorities; it has no data; it can demonstrate nothing; and it admits of no conclusion. Thomas Paine

Certainly, no power to prescribe any religious exercise, or to assume authority in religious discipline, has been delegated to the General Government. Thomas Jefferson

Every one must act according to the dictates of his own reason, and mine tells me that civil powers alone have been given to the President of the United States, and no authority to direct the religious exercises of his constituents. Thomas Jefferson

There will always be a few people who have the courage to love what is untamed inside us. One of those men is my father. Alison Lohman

I just sit there and make up songs and sing to [my son] in gibberish. I'm very good at gibberish now. Elton John

He has always provided me a safe place to land and a hard place from which to launch. Chelsea Clinton

It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority. Benjamin Franklin

Your former Fathers the Spaniards have now no further Authority over you. Zebulon Pike

It may not be easy, in every possible case, to trace the line of separation between the rights of religion and the Civil authority with such distinctness as to avoid collisions and doubts on unessential points. The tendency to unsurpastion on one side or the other, or to a corrupting coalition or alliance between them, will be best guarded agst. by an entire abstinence of the Gov't from interfence in any way whatsoever, beyond the necessity of preserving public order, and protecting each sect agst. trespasses on its legal rights by others. James Madison

We beseech [God] to pardon our national and other transgressions... George Washington

Fathers, like mothers, are not born. Men grow into fathers and fathering is a very important stage in their development. David Gottesman

There should be a children's song: 'If you're happy and you know it, keep it to yourself and let your dad sleep'. Jim Gaffigan

For my part, I sincerely esteem the Constitution, a system which without the finger of God, never could have been suggested and agreed upon by such a diversity of interests. Alexander Hamilton

The older I get, the smarter my father seems to get. Timothy J. Russert

Religion [is] the basis and foundation of Government James Madison

Without Virtue there can be no liberty Benjamin Rush

The founding fathers gave the House of Representatives one function when it comes to cleansing the office of the presidency and that is impeachment, .. Whether or not a resolution of censure is appropriate is something beyond our constitutional authority. Henry Hyde

Truth for authority, not authority for truth. Lucretia Mott

Authority poisons everybody who takes authority on himself. Vladimir Lenin



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