Far-Left Quotes


The far-right and far-left can be equally insane. John Avlon

Take encouragement from how far you've come, not how far you have left to go. Debra Searle

If you ask me why I left China, it's just that I went for a stroll and strolled too far away. Mu Xin

We find just as many things to rip on the left as we do on the right. People on the far-left and the far-right are the same exact person to us. Trey Parker

I catch as much hell from the hard-core conservative people as I do the far left. The only difference is that the far right don't bring the hate to the table that the far left does. And that's my party. They just deal in so much hate. I mean the far left, not the Democrats, the far left really deal in hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. Toby Keith

Stop telling people how far they have left to go. Instead tell them how far they've come. Bob Goff

(T)he Left has moved so far to the left that this pro-choice, lesbian feminist is now considered a Right-Winger! Tammy Bruce

We supporters of the two-state solution in Israel and Palestine are now under a fierce attack from the far right and from the far left in Israel and in Europe. If I were a paranoid, I would say that maybe the far left and the far right are coordinating a conspiracy. Amos Oz

The lifetime we've left behind with strangers Promises and lies both have their dangers. I just can't be wrong enough and I can't hide for long enough So far away, but I still feel your pain. Ben Harper

Stop telling people how far they have left to go. Instead tell them how far they"ve come. Bob Goff

I listen to the far left which informs the far right. Somewhere in the middle is where we end up. Ryan Tedder

We must win, because Ohio, the far-left wing of the Democrat Party, not mainstream Democrat ideology, the values, the planks in the platform of the Democrat Party. It's the far-left wing of the party is getting ready to take over the entire federal government. Sarah Palin

Akri done left his Simi on his arm for far too long. She done got tired and cranky. (Simi) Sherrilyn Kenyon

Political questions are far too serious to be left to the politicians. Hannah Arendt

That field goal attempt was so far to the left it nearly decapitated Lyndon LaRouche. Dennis Miller

Words and deeds are far from being one. Much that is talked about is left undone. Moliere

Obama's rhetorical overtures to democracy, it turned out, were just a decoy to conceal his unwavering determination to govern from the far left. Sean Hannity

The obligation of a society as prosperous as ours is to figure out how nobody gets left too far behind. Warren Buffett

I like to joke that Inhofe is as far left as I'll go for an employer. Marc Morano

Cinema is far too rich and capable a medium to be merely left to the storytellers. Peter Greenaway



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