Famous Quotes On Ego


I think people's perception is that when you're famous, you want people to love you. That's a big part of why people become famous, because they don't just want love, they want it on a grand scale. But once you realize - and it's not a big trick to really figure it out - that it's just completely artificial, an external pumping of the ego that's never going to really help you, then it's an easy thing to step out of it. That's probably why Harrison Ford lived in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Woody Harrelson

I don't mean I'd mind being rich and famous. That's very much on my schedule, and someday I'll try to get around to it; but if it happens, I'd like to have my ego tagging along. I want to still be me when I wake up one fine morning and have breakfast at Tiffany's. Truman Capote

I knew damn well I would never be a movie star. It's too hard; and if you are intelligent, it's too embarrassing. My complexes aren't inferior enough: being a movie star and having a big fat ego are supposed to go hand-in-hand; actually, it's essential not to have any ego at all. I don't mean I'd mind being rich and famous. That's very much on my schedule, and someday I'll try and get around to it; but if it happens, I'd like to have my ego, tagging along. I want to still be me when I wake up one fine morning and have breakfast at Tiffany's. Holly Golightly

Happiness is threatening and misery is safe - safe for the ego. Ego can exist only in misery and through misery. Ego is an island surrounded by hell; happiness is threatening to the ego, to the very existence of the ego. Happiness rises like a sun and the ego disappears, evaporates like a dewdrop on the grass leaf. Rajneesh

I tried to laugh early on about ego and pride... I do something great and then I do something really dumb and then I laugh. You'll always be that kid. Matthew Ashford

The bully on the block who beats up somebody doesn't become more powerful. All they do is walk around inside their own mind with an inflated ego. Frederick Lenz

Then ego goes on growing, because the society needs you as an ego, not as a Self. The Self is irrelevant for the society; your periphery is meaningful. And there are many problems. The ego can be taught and the ego can be made docile and the ego can be forced to be obedient. The ego can be made to adjust, but not the Self. The Self cannot be taught, the Self cannot be forced. The Self is intrinsically rebellious, individual. It cannot be made a part of society. Rajneesh

Meditation... dissolves the mind. It erases itself. Throws the ego out on its big brittle ass. Tom Robbins

The ego is a false sense based on mental concepts. It is identification with the body and the mind-primarily identification with thought form. Eckhart Tolle

It's a constant man-ego-check going on in the streets, in this world. Tupac Shakur

By constantly keep one's attention on the Source, the ego is dissolved in that Source like a salt-doll in the sea. Ramana Maharshi

Our thought is our big enemy, guided by ego that walks on evil path Aftab Alam

Is your ego small enough, and your backbone strong enough, to raise others up high on your shoulders? Bear Grylls

Life lived in the absence of the psychedelic experience that primordial shamanism is based on is life trivialized, life denied, life enslaved to the ego. Terence Mckenna

I measure what's going on, and I adapt to it. I try to get my ego out of the way. The market is smarter than I am so I bend. Martin Zweig

Some days you feel like you've had the greatest ego massage, then the next day you've been trampled on. Judy Woodruff

The true opponent in a debate on emptiness is your own ego. Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche

It is on account of the ego that one is not able to see God. In front of the door of God's mansion lies the stump of ego. One cannot enter the mansion without jumping over the stump. Ramakrishna

If anyone steps on your ego, instantly, he becomes your enemy. But a Guru is a friend who constantly tramples your ego. Jaggi Vasudev

That's why we cannot love, because with the ego, love is impossible. That's why we go on talking so much about love, but we never are in love. And whatsoever we call love is more or less sex, it is not love; because you cannot lose your ego, and love cannot exist unless the ego has disappeared. Love, meditation, godliness, they all require one thing - the ego must not be there. That's why Jesus is right in saying that God is love, because both phenomena happen only when the ego is not. Rajneesh



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