Famous Quotations on Life


All quotation dictionaries stand on the shoulders of their predecessors, which must be consulted as part of the effort to make sure that no famous quotations are missed. Fred R. Shapiro

I'd lived by quotations, practically all my life. Loretta Young

Here are more quotes about chemistry and famous quotations made by chemists relating to their science. There's no way you can create a chemistry where none exists. Michael Parkinson

[A]s if it were not the masterful will which subjugates the forces of nature to be the genii of the lamp... that forces a life-thought into a pregnant word or phrase, and sends it ringing through the ages! William Mathews

The greatest tragedy for a good quotation is to be anonymous; and for the bad one, is to be known and famous! Mehmet Murat Ildan

The everlasting quotation-lover dotes on the husks of learning. Maria Edgeworth

Not everything that can be extracted appears in anthologies of quotations, in commonplace books, or on the back of Celestial Seasonings boxes. Only certain sorts of extracts become quotations. Gary Saul Morson

The problem with letting kids on Facebook is that they'll learn all kinds of false quotations. Thomas Jefferson

Sometimes it seems the only accomplishment my education ever bestowed on me was the ability to think in quotations. Margaret Drabble

People ask me, 'Did the fame come too fast? Do you ever wish for your old life?' I always tell them that there's nothing on earth better than being famous. Zach Braff

In Australia, there is a very famous show called 'Home and Away.' I was cast on that at 15. The day I started filming, my life changed. Tammin Sursok

The attribution of a speaker is in fact a part of the quotation. Some statements simply are better if a certain famous person said them. Gary Saul Morson

Every man is a borrower and a mimic, life is theatrical and literature a quotation. Ralph Waldo Emerson

In life, never spend more than 10 percent of your time on the problem, and spend at least 90 percent of your time on the solution. Tony Robbins

I believe that the measure of a person's life is the affect they have on others. Steve Nash

Life itself is a quotation. Jorge Luis Borges

Quotations on the Internet are often attributed incorrectly. Abraham Lincoln

If you're famous, I don't - for the life of me - I don't understand why any famous person would ever be on Twitter. George Clooney

[On collectors of quotations:] How far our literature may in future suffer from these blighting swarms, will best be conceived by a glance at what they have already withered and blasted of the favourite productions of our most popular poets ... Maria Edgeworth

Here's what my love affair with quotations has taught me: the more you focus on words that uplift you, the more you embody the ideas contained in those words. Oprah Winfrey



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