Famous Fraud Quotes


I never thought I'd say this, but I miss voter fraud. Jon Stewart

A pious fraud. [Lat., Pia fraus.] Ovid

Well, you probably will always believe there should be laws against fraud, and I don't think there is any need for a law against fraud. Alan Greenspan

By using power, money, fraud, the enemy is interested in gaining control over the world of Islam. Mohammed Emami-Kashani

The Federalists also used bribes, intimidation, and fraud against opponents of the Constitution. Michael Parenti

No one ever laid out the sequence of events that led to my mother being prosecuted and imprisoned for alleged welfare fraud. Chris Gardner

If I had to use a single word to describe what is fundamentally wrong with government today, I would use the word fraud. Robert Higgs

Everyone should know that the 'war on cancer' is largely a fraud. Linus Pauling

The fraudster's greatest liability is the certainty that the fraud is too clever to be detected. Louis J. Freeh

The fact that you are giving money to charity does not mean that you need not try to find out whether that charity is a fraud or not. C S Lewis

Anyone who tells you that one political party has a monopoly on the best defense of our nation is committing a fraud on the American people. Wesley Clark

A good many established writers seem to have the feeling that some day they are going to be found out, revealed as frauds. Patricia Wentworth

Why do they [Americans] quarrel, why do they hate Negroes, Indians, even Germans, why do they not have science and poetry commensurate with themselves, why are there so many frauds and so much nonsense? Dmitri Mendeleev

If you see fraud and do not say fraud, you are a fraud. Nassim Nicholas Taleb

It's not my goal to be a famous actor Gavin Degraw

Being humble is cooler than being famous. Robin S. Sharma

I never enjoyed being famous. Elaine Paige

I never pursued being 'famous.' Francesca Annis

I love being famous - it's phenomenal. Dave Chappelle

I'm English. Our dentistry is not world famous. Christian Bale



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