Family Working Together Quotes


If you can make the family life and the music work together that's wonderful. If you can make it work. Edwin Starr

There are many stressed single parents who may be working two jobs in order to keep the family together. C Everett Koop

Whatever he does should be seen as working at the Presidency and if he goes to Colorado for Christmas, it should be for a minimum amount of time, the family tradition and family get-together aspect emphasized, and it be seen as a working vacation. Robert Teeter

I missed my dad a lot growing up, even though we were together as a family. My dad was really a workaholic. And he was always working. Steven Spielberg

In this business, we have to travel so far away from our families. We have two children, so if we can work together, that's awesome. Before I met Lisa Bonet , it was a dream to work with her. Jason Momoa

Work together as a family, even if it may be faster and easier to do the job ourselves. Talk with our sons and daughters as we work together. Robert D. Hales

The lesson I have learnt is that when a family and a business function, they function together. You have to have a family that works and a business that works and the two will end up working well alongside. John Elkann

Religion and practical life are not different. To take sanyas (renunciation) is not to abandon life. The real spirit is to make the country, your family, work together instead of working only for your own. The step beyond is to serve humanity and the next step is to serve God, Bal Gangadhar Tilak

Working together always works together better... Chris Pine

How do humans treat one another under the stress of a changing world? Do we fight and compete? Or, do we cooperate and work together as a family in this world to get through these changes? This is the question we are asking ourselves today. Gregg Braden

I believe that when we have millions of hard-working immigrants contributing to our economy, it would be self-defeating and inhumane to try to kick them out. Comprehensive immigration reform will grow our economy and keep families together, and it's the right thing to do. Hillary Clinton

Now we have black and white elected officials working together. Today, we have gone beyond just passing laws. Now we have to create a sense that we are one community, one family. Really, we are the American family. John Lewis

I love to see my family together. That's what life is about. It's about family. Ja Rule

I feel like if we stopped pushing people away in trying to get to the top, we could work together. My goal is to start with my family and my friends, progressively get better and create opportunities for them to express themselves and become happy people, then have them affect the people they're around. [I want to] create this growing effect of positivity and inspired a willingness to overcome any obstacles that are in front of you, whether it be from our government or from our daily lives. Ryan Guzman

It is that fundamental belief, it is that fundamental belief, I am my brother's keeper, I am my sister's keeper that makes this country work. It's what allows us to pursue our individual dreams and yet still come together as one American family. E pluribus unum. Out of many, one. Barack Obama

Working together is success. Henry Ford

Women love working together. That's my experience anyway. Shirley Maclaine

We're all working together; that's the secret. Sam Walton

I feel like I've had a strong relationship with Robert [Kraft] and his family since I was here in 1996 and I think it's gotten stronger every year that I've been here with the Patriots. The more things we do together, talk about together, work together on, the closer we become and the more we rely on each other. I feel like our relationship is very close and continues to grow closer every year as we grow older together. Bill Belichick

Now, at the end of my visit to the Philippines, I commend you to Him, to Jesus who came among us as a child. May He enable all the beloved people of this country to work together, protecting one another, beginning with your families and communities, in building a world of justice, integrity and peace. Pope Francis



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