Expecting Something Quotes


Sacrifice to me is something you do without expecting something in return. Marilyn Manson

Look for opportunities to help someone else, but don't give expecting something in return. Give knowing that if we give we receive. David

I want my music to feel like I'm giving something to someone else and not that I'm expecting something back. Kris Allen

Never want something without expecting it Bob Proctor

You cannot keep doing the same thing, the same way, and keep expecting something different to happen. Beth Moore

Man's real life is happy, chiefly because he is ever expecting that it soon will be so. Edgar Allan Poe

Generosity is doing something for someone else expecting nothing in return. Simon Sinek

Only way you can you get upset is when you expecting something. Bernie Mac

Instead of wanting to win, we expected to win. There's a lifetime between wanting something and expecting something. When you expect something, it means you've prepared, done the work, and EXPECT TO WIN!! Red Mccombs

If expecting something in return is your reason for giving, you are really not giving- you're swapping. If you receive something in return for your gift, what you receive is a bonus - not a repayment of a debt. David Cottrell

Create a wisdom and share it with others; in return, don't wait for anything, not even a simple thanks, because expecting something in return does not belongs to the wisdom! Mehmet Murat Ildan

There are Millions of people in this world. Then why are you born? The reason is, Allah is expecting something from you, which is not possible by Millions. Shahid Afridi

I never could bear the idea of anyone's expecting something from me. It always made me want to do just the opposite. Jean-Paul Sartre

I suppose "giving without expecting anything in return" isn't something new, but it always pushes your happy button when you do it or see it. Misha Collins

Often, we don't recognize real moments of happiness in our lives because we've been expecting something different- something bigger or perhaps more dramatic. Joan Lunden

all who are expecting do have one thing in common, that they are expecting something in the future, because expectancy and the future are inseparable ideas. The person who is expecting something is occupied with the future. p. 16 Soren Kierkegaard

Just where death is expecting you is something we cannot know; so, for your part, expect him everywhere. Seneca the Younger

If you choose to be looking for something, you'd better be ready for whatever it is you are find. Because it may not be what you've been expecting. Jodi Picoult

The trouble you're expecting never happens; it's always something that sneaks up the other way. George R. Stewart

Extend an act of kindness each day. No one has to know. It can be a smile, reassuring words, a small favor - without expecting something in return. Tara Brach



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