Eternal Security Quotes


In God's faithfulness lies eternal security. Corrie Ten Boom

Beware of the words "internal security," for they are the eternal cry of the oppressor. Voltaire

For those looking for security, be forewarned that there's nothing more insecure than a political promise. Harry Browne

I believe in the eternal security of the believer and in the insecurity of the make-believer. J. Vernon McGee

Some pacifists have carried the sound idea of the prime importance of security too far, to the point of declaring that any consideration of disarmament is superfluous and pointless as long as eternal peace has not been attained. Ludwig Quidde

May they rest in eternal peace. Gordon Pinsent

The greatest tyrannies are always perpetuated in the name of the noblest causes. Thomas Paine

There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to democracies as against despots - suspicion. Demosthenes

The ignorance of one voter in a democracy impairs the security of all. John F Kennedy

Perfect purity, fullness of joy, everlasting freedom, perfect rest, health and fruition, complete security, substantial and eternal good. Hannah More

Effective security measures do not come cheap. Arlen Specter

There's no dishonor in being forced by a superior power into slavery, but it is an eternal disgrace to voluntarily surrender one's liberty for a filthy bowl of oatmeal and promise of security by liars. Charley Reese

See that you buy the field where the Pearl is; sell all, and make a purchase of salvation. Think it not easy: for it is a steep ascent to eternal glory: many are lying dead by the way, slain with security. Samuel Rutherford

Liberty is security. Freedom is security. Jesse Ventura

The front line with ISIS isn't just in Iraq and Syria, it's in Kennedy Airport and the Rio Grande. Border security is national security. Ted Cruz

The truth is friendship is every bit as sacred and eternal as marriage. Katherine Mansfield

Marco [Rubio] has opposed at every point increased security - border security for those who come to our country. Ted Cruz

She [Hillary Clinton] was extremely careless with handling national security information.If she were just an ordinary person, she would be denied a top security clearance because she has proved in her past acts that she is extremely careless in handling national security information. Rudy Giuliani

One of the greatest of poets, Coleridge was one of the wisest of men, and it was not for nothing that he read us this parable. Let us have a little less of "hands across the sea," and a little more of that elemental distrust that is the security of nations. War loves to come like a thief in the night; professions of eternal amity provide the night. Ambrose Bierce

I am for lasting peace... United, I believe, we can win the battle for peace. But it must be a different peace, one with full recognition of the rights of the Jews in their one and only land: peace with security for generations and peace with a united Jerusalem as the eternal, undivided capital of the Jewish people in the state of Israel forever. Ariel Sharon



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