Environmental Activities Quotes


Pushing production out of America to nations without our environmental standards increases global environmental risks. Frank Murkowski

In a flat choice between smoke and jobs, we're for jobs... But just keep me out of trouble on environmental issues. Richard M. Nixon

In reality, Kyoto was a huge transfer of resources from the United States to the Third World, under the guise of environmental protection. Charles Krauthammer

The strategy behind the Kyoto Protocol has no grounding in economics or environmental policy. William Nordhaus

We are facing a tipping point of environmental crisis unprecedented in human history and our very survival is dependent on protecting nature. Leonardo Dicaprio

Environmental quality was drastically improved while economic activity grew by the simple expedient of removing lead from gasoline - which prevented it from entering the environment. Barry Commoner

We learned that economic growth and environmental protection can and should go hand in hand. Christopher Dodd

We can ill afford to have activities conducted as "non-profit," that is, as activities that devour capital rather than form it, if they can be organized as activities that form capital, as activities that make a profit. Peter Drucker

You completely rediscovered & relived everything to do with wildlife. Terri Irwin

Any time a body goes outside the environmental conditions for which it developed it has to acclimate. Vanna Bonta

Stan Slaughter is the thoroughbred of the environmental educators I've hired. Second place is not even close. Mike Patton

Simple determinism, whether of the genetic or environmental kind, is a depressing prospect for those with a fondness for free will. Matt Ridley

What is the environmental platform of the Republican party? I don't know either. Lindsey Graham

Ecosystems are holy. The word "environmental" is a deadly compromise itself. It's a policy word that lives only in the head, and barely there. David James Duncan

Does a poet create, originate, initiate the thing called a poem, or is his behavior merely the product of his genetic and environmental histories? B F Skinner

My kids get very upset with me when I leave to do film work, but they have a lot of patience with me when I leave to do environmental work. Mark Ruffalo

House Republican leaders voted more than 300 times to undermine environmental safeguards since 2011, but almost none of these measures became law because Americans pushed back. Frances Beinecke

There are all the activist groups on every imaginable topic - solidarity groups, environmental and feminist groups - sectors of these movements do very valuable work. Noam Chomsky

If we had kept the vision of interconnectedness, we would not have created the kind of environmental crisis facing the world today. Satish Kumar

In fact, the environmental crisis is related to the crisis of aesthetics, crisis of social cohesion and the crisis of spiritual values. Satish Kumar



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