End of Era Quotes


My leadership will end the Obama era and begin a new era of American prosperity. Mitt Romney

With the end of the Victorian era, we passed into what I feel I must call the terrible 20th century Winston Churchill

We may be reaching the end of the era in which individual movies meant something to people. In the new era, movies may just mean a barrage of images. Pauline Kael

We stand at the end of the Age of Reason. A new era of the magical explanation of the world is rising. Adolf Hitler

The big studio era is from the coming of sound until 1950, until I came in... I came in at a crux in film, which was the end of the studio era and the rise of filmmaking. Charlton Heston

In our case, we are in the Cenozoic Era, which started at the end of the time of the dinosaurs. We are in the Quaternary Period, which is within the Cenozoic Era. And within the Quaternary, we are in the Holocene Epoch. Kenneth Lacovara

The war was the end of an era, in art as well. And we were trying to create a new philosophy. Douglas Sirk

I think the era of the diva actress is coming to an end. Amanda Seyfried

The big studio era is from the coming of sound until 1950, until I came in I came in at a crux in film, which was the end of the studio era and the rise of filmmaking. Charlton Heston

We need to end the government monopoly in education by transferring power from bureaucracies and unions to families. The era of defining public education as allegiance to centralized school districts must end. Jeb Bush

He kissed me hard and I kissed him back harder, like it was the end of an era that had lasted all of my life. Cheryl Strayed

It was just at the end of the golden era of BBC comedy, which was fantastic. John Leeson

The natural end of an era, as designers whose houses bear their names grow old and pass away, combined with the arrival of digital cameras and Internet exposure, has created a perfect storm. Suzy Menkes

Towards the end of the Lord Chamberlain's era, when his hold was being loosened, private prosecutions began to happen. A member of staff at the Royal Court ordered to stop the play, and the police were brought in. Timothy West

brilliance in music will live in our hearts forever. His spirit as a humanitarian surpasses even that. It is truly the end of a musical era. I am honored to have had the opportunity to know him and perform with him Gloria Estefan

I think horror films in the past maybe touched on social themes having to do with whatever era in which they were made, but in the end, it's definitely an escapist form of entertainment. Brooke Nevin

Ronald Reagan's era can be defined, number one in most people's minds, by the Cold War and by the end of it - and by the strong principles he stood for. Marco Rubio

For starters, this country embodies something utterly unique: History's first democratic empire. Beginning in the post war era, we have used free trade and democracy to create a series of interlocking relationships that end war. Armstrong Williams

A new era of responsibility is here. Valerie Jarrett

Obviously we're celebrating a 36-year legacy on ABC and the end of an era, but we're also celebrating the start of a new era with this great property on ESPN. It's a bit of mixed emotions. George Bodenheimer



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