Encouragement to Others Quotes


Some Christians need encouragement to think before they act. Others need encouragement to act after they think. Kevin Deyoung

God created us to thrive on encouragement from others Willie Robertson

To go about your work with pleasure, to greet others with a word of encouragement, to be happy in the present and confident in the future; this is to have achieved some measure of success in living. Edwin Osgood Grover

Seeks to grow and improve oneself through creative activity, freely expressing one's exuberant vitality, and through warm, supportive encouragement of others. Stephen Arroyo

Encouragement and hope are the two most powerful qualities any person can provide to others. Zig Ziglar

Seeks to grow and improve oneself through creative activity, freely expressing one's exuberant vitality, and through warm, supportive encouragement of others. Stephen Arroyo

Teaching and writing are separate, but serve/feed one another in so many ways. Writing travels the road inward, teaching, the road out - helping OTHERS move inward - it is an honor to be with others in the spirit of writing and encouragement. Naomi Shihab Nye

That some should be rich, shows that others may become rich, and, hence, is just encouragement to industry and enterprise. Abraham Lincoln

Those who say in simple surrender 'Yes, Lord,' emerge from the experience spiritually rich, and become a source of grace and encouragement to others who are hurting. Nancy Leigh DeMoss

Giving encouragement to others is a most welcome gift, for the results of it are lifted spirits, increased self-worth, and a hopeful future. Florence Littauer

The more lawyers there are, the more people are out there to encourage others not to go to law school. David E Kelley

Inspirational and will challenge readers to get involved in the lives of others to make a difference. Thank you for sharing your wonderful insight and encouragement. Mary Fallin

You can always lie to others and hide your actions from them... but you can not fool yourself Abraham Lincoln

I've always thrived on the encouragement of others. Patti Smith

There is no such thing as a "self-made" man. We are made up of thousands of others. Everyone who has ever done a kind deed for us, or spoken one word of encouragement to us, has entered into the make-up of our character and of our thoughts, as well as our success. George Matthew Adams

Encouragement to others is something everyone can give. Somebody needs what you have to give. It may not be your money; it may be your time. It may be your listening ear. It may be your arms to encourage. It may be your smile to uplift. Who knows? Joel Osteen

I know why I am here and my only real focused goal is to live each day to the fullest and to try and honor God and be an encouragement to others. What the future holds is firmly in God's hands, and I am very happy about that! Ken Hensley

With our own shortcomings, we are in no position to judge anyone else. The best way to forget the faults of others is to remember our own. Nicky Gumbel

A friend of mine, Kim Hastreiter, who owns Paper Magazine, she told me, "When you left, it really changed things and you need to do something." So with the encouragement of others, I stayed around and watched, and I saw that all the girls before, such an enormous group of girls of color, all shades, it began to disappear. Bethann Hardison

You are the only one who can make it happen for you. Others can support and encourage you, but you have to find the energy within in order to step into the center of your own life and take charge. Lynda Field



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