Empty Stomach Quotes


To a man with an empty stomach food is God Mahatma Gandhi

I have no intention of ending my career in a rooming house, with full scrapbooks and an empty stomach. Carole Landis

I didn't want to send a man to hell on an empty stomach. Clay Allison

No man can be wise on an empty stomach. George Eliot

Happiness rarely keeps company with an empty stomach Helen Keller

I don't believe in dining on an empty stomach. W C Fields

Nobuddy ever listened t' reason on a empty stomach. Kin Hubbard

The work of Nigeria is not complete for as long as there is any one Nigerian who goes to bed on empty stomach. Ibrahim Babangida

No man can be a patriot on an empty stomach. William Cowper

It's no fun to protest on an empty stomach. Michael Bloomberg

Hunger and fear are the only realities in dog life: an empty stomach makes a fierce dog. Robert Falcon Scott

You can't act on an empty stomach, because you're breathing's all wrong. Vivien Leigh

No man can worship God or love his neighbor on an empty stomach. Woodrow Wilson

You cannot warm the hearts of people with God's love if they have an empty stomach and cold feet. William Booth

I don't think traveling back in time on an empty stomach is a good idea. Felix J. Palma

Sensible people advise against drinking on an empty stomach, but to my mind it is the best sort of drinking. Tom Hodgkinson

It is an unfortunate human failing that a full pocketbook often groans more loudly than an empty stomach. Franklin D Roosevelt

Never try to negotiate with anyone after he or she has eaten. People are best persuaded on an empty stomach. And forget power breakfasts. There is no convincing anyone of anything before 10 A.M. Joyce Brothers

Fat people who want to reduce should take their exercise on an empty stomach and sit down to their food out of breath.... Thin people who want to get fat should do exactly the opposite and never take exercise on an empty stomach. Hippocrates

I will not listen to your verse on an empty stomach!" declared the Vicomte. "You have no soul," said Philippe sadly. "But I have a stomach, and it cries aloud for sustenance." "I weep for you," said Philip. "Why do I waste my poetic gems upon you? Georgette Heyer



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