Empty Soul Quotes


Prayer opens the heart to God, and it is the means by which the soul, though empty, is filled with God. John Bunyan

You're a monster, Mr. Grinch. Your heart's an empty hole. Your brain is full of spiders, You've got garlic in your soul. Dr. Seuss

Since our inner experiences consist of reproductions, and combinations of sensory impressions, the concept of a soul without a body seem to me to be empty and devoid of meaning. Albert Einstein

The guest of our soul knows our misery; He comes to find an empty tent within us - that is all He asks. Therese Of Lisieux

He who does not believe has no soul. He is empty. He has no ideals. He has nothing to live for. He has no sunshine, no light. No joy in life. He is a poor, poor man. Robert Ley

Money cannot fill an empty soul. Julia Cameron

I call the light and high aspects of my being spirit and the dark and heavy aspects soul. Soul is at home in the deep, shaded valleys. Heavy torpid flowers saturated with black grow there. The rivers flow like warm syrup. They empty into huge oceans of soul. Spirit is a land of high white peaks and glittering jewel-like lakes and flowers. Life is sparse and sounds travel great distances. There is soul music, soul food, and soul love... People need to climb the mountain not simple because it is there But because the soulful divinity needs to be mated with the spirit. Dalai Lama

I stand here empty, waiting to b filled. I stand here weary of days bombarded with sorrows & ill. Yet, I STAND. For I know it is not of my strength; I know it is not my will. So with my eyes fixed on the prize and a rejoicing soul, I stand with a prayerful heart, waiting for my blessing. I stand, knowing my blessing will com. Shane Smith

It's not that hard to climb a pole. All you need are powerful thighs and an empty soul. Daniel Tosh

You can't save souls in an empty church. David Ogilvy

All empty souls tend toward extreme opinions. William Butler Yeats

My soul is an empty carousel at sunset. Pablo Neruda

You pray best when the mirror of your soul is empty of every image except the Image of the Invisible Father. Thomas Merton

Empty and cold, but it keep me alive. I gave it my soul, so that I could survive. Melissa Etheridge

Empty pockets make empty heads. William Carlos Williams

The smell of violets, hidden in the green, Pour'd back into my empty soul and frame The times when I remembered to have been Joyful and free from blame. Alfred Lord Tennyson

Learn to love humility, for it will cover all your sins. All sins are repulsive before God, but the most repulsive of all is pride of the heart. Do not consider yourself learned and wise; otherwise, all your efforts will be destroyed, and your boat will reach the harbor empty. If you have great authority, do not threaten anyone with death. Know that, according to nature, you too are susceptible to death, and that every soul sheds its body as its final garment. Anthony of Padua

An empty book is like an Infant's soul, in which anything may be written, Thomas Traherne

I thought that beauty alone would satisfy, but the soul is gone. I can't bear those empty, staring eyes. Charles Beaumont

We too should make ourselves empty, that the great soul of the universe may fill us with its breath. Laurence Binyon



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