Ellen White Quotes


Heaven is all health. Ellen G White

Deal faithfully and truly with your own soul. Ellen G White

Souls cannot be saved without exertion. Ellen G White

God Himself was crucified with Christ, for Christ was one with the Father. Ellen G White

Well, you're not exactly Superman, but you're awfully available. Vera-Ellen

Youth without beauty is half a prize. Ellen G White

Satan has many helpers. Ellen G White

Nature is the mirror of divinity. Ellen G White

Talents used are talents multiplied. Ellen G White

There shall be no more sin, neither shall there beany more death. Ellen G White

The banner of the third angel has inscribed upon it, The commandments of God and the faith of Jesus. Ellen G White

Masturbation is killing thousands and tens of thousands. Ellen G White

Perfect health depends upon perfect circulation. Ellen G White

The Bible is God's great lesson book... Ellen G White

The spirit of Christ is a missionary spirit. Ellen G White

Fixed principles of truth are the only safeguard for youth. Ellen G White

Do not neglect secret prayer, for it is the soul of religion. Ellen G White

The words of Christ are of more worth than the opinions of all the physicians in the universe. Ellen G White

The great moral powers of the soul are faith, hope, and love. Ellen G White

Jesus alone cleanses from sin; He only can forgive our transgressions. Ellen G White



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