Ellen Glasgow Quotes


Dignity is an anachronism. Ellen Glasgow

Borrowed illusions are better than none ... Ellen Glasgow

Theories have nothing to do with life ... Ellen Glasgow

He who demands little gets it. Ellen Glasgow

After all, you can't expect men not to judge by appearances. Ellen Glasgow

Moderation has never yet engineered an explosion Ellen Glasgow

Children were chasing an idiot boy up the village street to the churchyard. Ellen Glasgow

I revolted from sentimentality, less because it was false than because it was cruel. Ellen Glasgow

Cruelty is the only sin. Ellen Glasgow

Few forms of life are so engaging as birds. Ellen Glasgow

Cruelty, I truly believe, is the one and only sin. Ellen Glasgow

Cynicism is a sure sign of youth. Ellen Glasgow

The suitable is the last thing we ever want. Ellen Glasgow

Energy had fastened upon her like a disease. Ellen Glasgow

for my own purpose, I defined the art of fiction as experience illuminated. Ellen Glasgow

youth is always an enemy to the old ... Ellen Glasgow

True goodness is an inward grace, not an outward necessity. Ellen Glasgow

Grandpa says we've got everything to make us happy but happiness. Ellen Glasgow

Life may take away happiness. But it can't take away having had it. Ellen Glasgow

Happiness is a hardy annual. Ellen Glasgow



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