Economic Security Quotes


We stand with women by fighting for economic security, protecting access to health care and supporting women's leadership across the country Barack Obama

The key to economic security - to food security in Africa is empowering the women. Judith Rodin

Economic development over the past two centuries has taken most of humanity from lives that were brutal, ignorant and short, to personal health and security, material comfort and knowledge that were unknown to the elites of the wealthiest and most powerful societies in earlier times. Ross Garnaut

One cannot have economic growth without security. John Bruton

We will never know what anyone is really like, until everyone has economic security and doesn't have to answer to anyone else. Jacque Fresco

I will also continue to fight to provide better economic security for victims of domestic violence. Lucille Roybal-Allard

Real freedom must include economic security. Bernie Sanders

The privatization plan weakens Social Security and threatens our economic security by creating trillions of dollars in new debt. Ruben Hinojosa

Economic freedom has no security without political freedom, and political freedom can find its security only in economic freedom. Eugen Richter

The Green New Deal is about creating economic security for everyone, and doing it quickly. Jill Stein

The country that owns green, that dominates that industry, is going to have the most energy security, national security, economic security, competitive companies, healthy population and, most of all, global respect. Thomas Friedman

Without education, we are weaker economically. Without economic power, we are weaker in terms of national security. No great military power has ever remained so without great economic power. Jon Meacham

Conservatives value economic liberty and moral security, while the liberal values economic security and moral liberty. Jonah Goldberg

We have to fight for our freedoms, also, economic and our national security freedoms. Sarah Palin

National security is vital for economic and social progress. Paul Kagame

power... Military success is not sufficient to win: economic development, institution-building and the rule of law, promoting internal reconciliation, good governance, providing basic services to the people, training and equipping indigenous military and police forces, strategic communications, and more of these, along with security, are essential ingredients for long-term success... Robert M Gates

There cannot be prosperity without security. Francois Hollande

The American people deserve a budget that invests in the future, protects the most vulnerable among us and helps to create jobs and economic security Carl Levin

Black men, Indian men, and gay men have all have something in common: They do not provide an economic security blanket for women. Warren Farrell

Every time Washington regulators pass down another heavy-handed rule or levy another hefty fine, Colorado loses potential jobs, revenue, and economic security. Bob Beauprez



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