Dry Skin Quotes


For my skin, Neutrogena dry body oil is heaven! Brad Goreski

The Word of God spoke into the dry bones. His breath filled them, put tendons (repair), and put skin on...Then you will know I am God...When Jesus comes that will happen. Louie Giglio

Worried about dry skin? Concerned about lines and wrinkles? Then visit a burns unit and get some perspective. Shaun Micallef

What I find really works for me is dry body brushing; it helps improve the circulation and exfoliates your skin. Miranda Kerr

When the subtle physical body is damaged you will begin to notice changes in your skin, you skin starts to get gnarly or dry. I'm not speaking of acne. Acne means you have a lot of kundalini, which stimulates hormones. Frederick Lenz

Sometimes, especially when it's cold, I get dry skin, so I scratch a lot. I scratch my arms incessantly. Zac Efron

If I didn't write my soul would dry up and die. Isabel Allende

I am always keen to discover something new, but my advice is always to exfoliate. Get rid of those dead, dry cells; then the new skin is ready for moisturising, and you find your inner dewy, youthful glow. Its in there somewhere. Lulu

I like Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, as its great for soothing dry skin and adding shine. I use it instead of balm, too. Ashley Madekwe

Sometimes when I travel from climate to climate, my skin can change very drastically because I go from hot to cold. I get dry like everybody else - from planes. Shay Mitchell

I have a coconut oil stick, which I use for everything - on my eye lids to make them shinier, on my lips, and on any dry skin. Georgia May Jagger

Flying is awful, there's nothing to do when you're up in the air. I bloat up, my skin gets dry, and when we hit turbulence, I'm terrified. Daniela Pestova

I'm sorry to say I'm very lizard-like. My skin is dry, so covering my face in greasy antioxidants is a better alternative. Sally Phillips

A Wednesday with no rain is a dry hump day. Demetri Martin

I've noticed that maybe my skin isn't as soft as it used to be when I was a younger. It's just not there anymore. I travel so much, and my skin gets so dry. Christine Teigen

Beauty may be skin deep, but ugly goes clear to the bone. Redd Foxx

When she looked in the mirror these days, she saw someone she didn't recognize...She saw an old woman trying to be beautiful, her skin dry and her wrinkles like cracks. She looked like a very well-dressed winter apple. Sarah Addison Allen

They tied me back together, but they didn't use double knots. My insides are draining out of the fault lines in my skin, I can feel it, but every time I check the bandages, they're dry. Laurie Halse Anderson

My mom grew up in the Philippines, and she would use coconut oil. I put that in my hair always - literally, natural coconut oil that you use for cooking. I use that for my cuticles and dry spots on my skin too. Shay Mitchell

When I was living in Los Angeles, I always booked a moisturizing milk-and-honey massage the day before flying to Spain. It was heaven - I never got dry plane skin or felt stiff from sitting in one position. Carolina Herrera



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