Don't Fit In Quotes


Don't do anything to try to fit in. Mikey Way

I just don't see where I could possibly fit in directing a feature. Rachel Griffiths

You should always feel confident in everything you wear, no matter what trend you fit or don't fit into. Rachel Roy

Wear something you feel gorgeous in and don't try too hard; it's much sexier when it appears effortless. Clothes that don't fit, or don't fit the wearer's personality, don't help. Heidi Klum

Don't fit in. Don't sit still. Don't ever try to do less than you are. Angelina Jolie

When I first got into the league, I tried to fit in. Now I don't care. Dwyane Wade

I don't feel much pressure to fit in. I never have. I've always just wanted to do my thing. I have really good friends and good family, and if I don't fit in somewhere else, I fit in at home. Ariana Grande

Don't try so hard to fit in, and certainly don't try so hard to be different just try hard to be you. Zendaya

I say no to a lot of things that just don't fit my life. I involve my kids in what I'm struggling with so they don't compete with it. Connie Nielsen

Either I'm funny or the world's funny. I don't know which. The bottle and lid don't fit. It could be the bottle's fault or the lid's fault. In either case, there's no denying that the fit is bad. Haruki Murakami

Hate radio, hate speech, hate groups, hate crimes really don't fit in, in the America that we know today. Kweisi Mfume

People going in the wrong direction will get like that. Round pegs just don't fit in square holes. J.R. Ward

Liberals in blue states working in blue enclaves within blue cities that are producing the media, don't even see that their positions fit on the spectrum as left of center. Andrew Breitbart

If the big rocks don't go in first, they aren't going to fit in later. Stephen Covey

I never liked living in Montreal. And I don't really like the music scene there. It was never my cup of tea, and I never felt like I ever fit in. Mac Demarco

I teach how to fit into a world I don't want to live in. I just can't do it anymore. John Taylor Gatto

You know I'm just getting bigger, man. It's like, my shoulders don't fit in some things. Justin Bieber

If you don't fit into a certain type, there's a lot of strength in just being who you are. Kim Gordon

Anomaly is when you don't fit the expected norm. Like "wait what is this?! It doesn't belong here." Its what the system never planned for but now has to adapt to. Its Neo in The Matrix. LeCrae

Honestly, if you don't fit in, then you're probably doing the right thing. Lights



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