Diverse Community Quotes


Muslim organisations tend to have a low level of organisation. The communities in Europe are quite diverse. Gijs De Vries

This book is a must for anyone who wants to know how leaders develop their practices within a community context. Bordas has pulled together illuminating examples with great lessons for anyone working to create an equitable and truly diverse society. Rinku Sen

BOLD Immersion was about exposing students to a talented and diverse community, learning about the technology industry from a non-technical point of view, and growing my skills. Moses

The dynamism of any diverse community depends not only on the diversity itself but on promoting a sense of belonging among those who formerly would have been considered and felt themselves outsiders. Sonia Sotomayor

The best innovation comes from inclusive work environments that foster diverse ideas, nurture people with diverse talent and backgrounds, and create strong relationships with diverse communities. Mark Parker

Bedford definitely stands out as a community that's designed to appease to a broader range of budgets and lifestyles. The opportunity for a diverse neighborhood that encourages community activity and social interaction is what we feel makes Bedford a model community in this industry. John Myers

The photographer's intentions do not determine the meaning of a photograph, which will have its own career, blown by the whims and loyalties of the diverse communities that have use for it. Susan Sontag

Diversity is so important for me, particularly in the United States Senate, and it's been important to every job that I've held. Whether you're in government or the private sector, we should be just as diverse as the community that we represent. Catherine Cortez Masto

The Church is not segregated by region or cities. That's an antiquated view of the world. We are united with churches all over the world working toward common goals based on shared values. Mosaic is one of the most racially diverse churches on the planet. Our community and extended Church family is global and completely integrated. Erwin Mcmanus

[The strike in 1968] brought us together with teachers and also with progressive whites. All of us came from diverse backgrounds, but at the same time the reasons why we were at San Francisco State in the late sixties was because of the agitation and movement building that had occurred within our communities. We saw ourselves not separate from the community but intimately connected to it. Danny Glover

One of the things that`s offensive is saying in the fifth district there`s nothing going on. This is a very vast district. The congressman happens to represent me. And while there are always more things that we can do in every community, this is a very diverse district with all kinds of wonderful things. Al Sharpton

In a small Polish farm community, during the fall planting season of 1981, events occurred which electrified the world, sending reverberations of magnitude to capitals as diverse as Washington, Peking and especially Moscow. James A Michener

We love the ability of the people to influence the actions of decision-makers, of lawmakers and presidents to be removed from or elevated to office by the will of voters, and of the community to connect amongst diverse populations through the ballot box. Charles Rangel

We should build respect and understanding between the diverse cultures of the world. We should help construct communities where people of different backgrounds can live together as neighbors. Freedom is something for which we must fight, not by limiting it but by strengthening it. Alexandra Byrne

If we are true small 'l' liberals, it's our job to seek out feminist Muslims, ex-Muslims, liberal Muslims, dissenting voices within Muslim communities, gay Muslims - we should promote those voices and in doing so, we demonstrate Islam is not a monolith, Muslims are not homogenous, and that Muslims are truly internally diverse. Maajid Nawaz

Canadian federalism is more than a form of government. It's also a system of values that allows different people in diverse communities to live and work together in harmony for the good of all. Jean Chretien

Over the last year, the RNC has made an unprecedented effort to engage Hispanic communities across Florida and around the country. Here in Florida the RNC has hired a diverse group of Hispanic staffers who are growing and reaching out to our community, to them I offer my most sincere gratitude. Anitere Flores

A diverse ecosystem will also be resilient, because it contains many species with overlapping ecological functions that can partially replace one another. When a particular species is destroyed by a severe disturbance so that a link in the network is broken, a diverse community will be able to survive and reorganize itself... In other words, the more complex the network is, the more complex its pattern of interconnections, the more resilient it will be. Fritjof Capra

You know, being Jewish is problematic. Most people really don't know what exactly it means to be a Jew. We belong to a community of suffering, and that's what binds us together. But we are also extremely diverse. That's something I wish people who hate Jews as a group because they think they're so different would understand. We're also completely different within our own group! Essentially, we're just part of a community that has suffered a great deal, and not just in the Holocaust. Anita Lasker-Wallfisch

I want to build a Big Labor party. A party of big ideas. A party which is deeply connected to the community. A party which reflects our diverse nation. Bill Shorten



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