Difficult Horses Quotes


Horses are very difficult to shoot. Oliver Stone

I had been riding horses before my memory kicked in, so my life with horses had no beginning. It simply appeared from the fog of infancy. I survived a difficult childhood by traveling on the backs of horses, and in adulthood the pattern didn't change. Monty Roberts

Horses are like people - they have different personalities. They can be nice, friendly and hard-working, or awkward, difficult and lazy. If horses were people, some would be on the dole, and others would be entrepreneurs. Tony Mccoy

Words are as beautiful as wind horses, and sometimes as difficult to corral. Ted Berkman

Simplicity is a difficult thing to achieve. Charlie Chaplin

It's always a difficult time to be secretary general. Kofi Annan

Marriage is an extremely difficult relationship. Lee Radziwill

I think nervousness - a heightened sense of nerves and attention is a very healthy thing for a performer. It is an artificial environment that you are going into whether it's concert or recital, or stage. When I know something so well, I've done it so often, and you kind of walk out for Tuesday night's performance, or you feel like that, that makes me more nervous then being geared up. A little bit like race horses. In the same way that the horses are always difficult to get into that lineup, the worst time of my life is the 10 or 15 minutes before I go on stage. Thomas Hampson

Even a wild horse can be tamed; even metal that is difficult to work eventually goes into a mold. If you take it easy and do not stir yourself, you will never make any progress. It has been said, "It is no disgrace to have many afflictions: I would worry if there never were any afflictions." Zicheng Hong

Young horses who cannot bear the whip or spur find life hard. At every smart they start forward and rush to their destruction, and when the way is stony and difficult, they know no better expedient than to overturn the cart and gallop madly away. Selma Lagerlöf

It's very difficult to be original; Sergio Leone

Being alone is very difficult. Yoko Ono

Yes, the divorce was difficult. It was difficult. Priscilla Presley

We are difficult. Human beings are difficult. We"re difficult to ourselves, we"re difficult to each other. Geoffrey Hill

Class is the most difficult subject for American writers to deal with as it is the most difficult for the English to avoid. Gore Vidal

I ride horses, I love horses, I've owned horses. Pierce Brosnan

This is about doing something difficult and not stopping when it becomes not just difficult, but cold and difficult...or cold and wet and difficult...or cold and wet and dark and difficult. Suzy Favor Hamilton

Life is hard. Life is beautiful. Life is difficult. Life is wonderful. Kate Dicamillo

Remember to keep the mind calm in difficult moments. Horace

Giving interviews is the most difficult thing about being a gymnast. Gina Gogean



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