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Yet, instead of loving our children more, we install metal detectors in our schools. Michael Jackson

It happened again this week. Hundreds of people had to be evacuated from O'Hare Airport in Chicago. Seems every time somebody went through with a weapon, the metal detectors accidentally went off. Jay Leno

Never go to clubs with metal detectors. Sure it feels safe inside. But what about all those niggas waiting outside with guns? They know you ain't got one. Chris Rock

I have metal in my body, so every time I go to an airport ,the metal detector goes off. Jesse Ventura

The TSA's airport body scanners have been shown to be so ineffective, the Homeland Security chairman suggested using traditional metal detectors. While LaGuardia will continue to just have a scarecrow dressed as a cop. Jimmy Fallon

There is a lot of talk now about metal detectors and gun control. Both are good things. But they are no more a solution than forks and spoons are a solution to world hunger. Anna Quindlen

Let's pass more gun control laws and buy metal detectors for every public school in the land - anything but tell kids that life is sacred, because its Creator deems it so. Don Feder

Cause nothing said lovin' like a shitload of motion detectors. J.R. Ward

Brains are survival engines, not truth detectors. Peter Watts

Women are great bullsh*t detectors. They know when it's not real. Sharleen Spiteri

Gough never pretended to perfection or to sainthood - well, hardly ever. Although when he set off the metal detector at airport security, he would blame his aura. William Faulkner

I carry around such a load of non-specific guilt that every time the metal detector beeps, I always have a wild fear that this trip I absent-mindedly packed a Luger. Dan Greenburg

In this era of world leadership, the metal detector is the altar and the minicam may be god. Hugh Sidey

It is by presence of mind in untried emergencies that the native metal of man is tested. James Russell Lowell

As the data from the past decade clarify, there is no evidence that poverty causes crime but a great deal of evidence that crime causes poverty. By aligning themselves against the police, against commonsense tactics like stop and frisk, against metal detectors in public housing, against swift and certain punishment, and for a broad array of legal protections for accused criminals, liberals helped to aggrieve the lives of the poor and society as a whole. Mona Charen

It's disgraceful and embarrassing that the highest technology in a typical city high school in this country is the metal detector the students pass through at the front door. Bran Ferren

Whether you function as welders or inspectors, the laws of physics are implacable lie-detectors. You may fool men. You will never fool the metal. Lois Mcmaster Bujold

The Amazon is still burning; we just don't hear the smoke detectors anymore. Larry Gelbart

Security is a component of everyday life that one spending time in Washington, D.C., gets accustomed to. Metal detectors, police vehicle barriers and heavily-armed police officers become strangely commonplace after awhile. Mike Crapo

Lie detectors sometimes work because people believe they work, deterring the wrong people from applying for jobs in the first place, or prompting admissions of guilt during interrogations. Bill Dedman



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