Depressing I'm Annoying Quotes


Listening to the radio every day for an entire year was a prison sentence. It was the most depressing, annoying, debilitating project I have ever undertaken, and I have a master's degree in art history. Sarah Vowell

For me, I'm a fan of really dark, depressing stuff. Declan Shalvey

I'm not annoying in relationships! I'm great! Leona Lewis

I'm like the annoying guy in the street. Alec Soth

I'm aware that I can be annoying. Sandra Bullock

I'm just the annoying person who's like "Hi! My name is Alanna! Do you want to chat?" Alanna Masterson

I don't know why I write really depressing songs. I'm a kind of melancholy guy, I suppose. But I figure I'm about normal. Townes Van Zandt

I just got back from Hawaii on Saturday, and it's so depressing how quickly all the stresses and the stressful energy of L.A. comes bombarding back. Everyone's in a rush, you're annoying everyone, get out of their way, everyone's most important than you are, has got somewhere more important to be - very draining town. But I still love it in many ways. I wouldn't leave California. I think it's a fantastic state, if you can't be in Hawaii all the time. Natalie Maines

I'm not always depressed: only when I think and feel. Ashleigh Brilliant

Now I'm searching for a slightly overweight, single, childless woman who doesn't have a date and isn't too depressing to be around. It's getting harder to find a girlfriend than a boyfriend. Cathy Guisewite

I'm really interested in making movies that people see: I've made a lot of independent films and it's really depressing when no one sees them. Elizabeth Banks

It's often been said that I'm an extremely depressing, cynical writer. I've never known what to make of that. Ann Beattie

If I do something that depresses, it's not because I'm depressed, but because political life and history is depressing. Anselm Kiefer

Man, I hate to get depressing on you, but I don't have a game. I'm so alone, so depressed, so dark, no. Jason Schwartzman

It's really funny - when I'm depressed or I'm having a hard time, I'll write really fun stuff. And then when I'm really happy, I write really depressing stuff. Kathleen Hanna

For me, I'm a fan of really dark, depressing stuff. Even something like The Wire, which can be hugely depressing and really serious, the bits I always remember are the jokes, you know? Declan Shalvey

I think I'm the kind of person who would be very difficult to employ - I'm pretty annoying, but driven. Aaron Levie

I am a delightfully evangelical guy about things I love. I am that annoying guy who sits everyone down and forces them to read some book I like. I'm looking across the full spectrum of genres. Anthony Bourdain

I'm a really, really, smart, multi-talented almost-genius, who's very annoying. Tyler The Creator

When I'm buying car insurance I ask myself, 'Which company has the most annoying and relentless commercials?' Demetri Martin



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