Democratic Government Quotes


Ensuring the access of all citizens to government information and to essential information for human development is a must for every democratic society. Koichiro Matsuura

There is no more democratic government than a revolutionary government. Fidel Castro

A world of unseen dictatorship is conceivable, still using the forms of democratic government. Kenneth E. Boulding

Personally I prefer a liberal dictator to democratic government lacking liberalism. Friedrich August von Hayek

Secrecy and a free, democratic government don't mix. Harry S Truman

The tow pillars of democratic government are the primacy of the law and the budget. Ludwig Von Mises

A democratic government in South Africa is not a threat to white people. Thabo Mbeki

Unemployment is a reproach to a democratic government. Joan Robinson

When democratic governments create economic calamity, free markets get the blame. Jack Kemp

The big problem for a democratic government - democrat with a small "d" - is how to hold down government spending. Milton Friedman

The Republican and Democratic Parties are only factions of the Government Party. Noam Chomsky

The revolution has no time for elections. There is no more democratic government in Latin America than the revolutionary government. Fidel Castro

Without commonly shared and widely entrenched moral values and obligations, neither the law, nor democratic government, nor even the market economy will function properly. Vaclav Havel

I have left the federal government and the German Bundestag; I have resigned from all my positions in the Social Democratic Party of Germany. Gustav Heinemann

Popular and democratic government is the only constitution which suits France, and all those who are worthy of the name of men. Camille Desmoulins

A democratic government is the only one in which those who vote for a tax can escape the obligation to pay it. Alexis De Tocqueville

Thoughtful criticism and close scrutiny of all government officials by the press and the public are an important part of our democratic society. Jimmy Carter

Democratic elections alone do not remedy the crisis of confidence in government. Moreover, there is no viable justification for a democratic system in which public participation is limited to voting. Beth Simone Noveck democratic capitalism isn't the best system of government in the world, it just works the best. John Ringo

Even if a government can be constitutional without being democratic, it cannot be democratic without being constitutional. Clinton Rossiter



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