Definition of Home Quotes


Home is the definition of God. Emily Dickinson

Wasn't that the definition of home? Not where you are from, but where you are wanted Abraham Verghese

We've been in a recession, by any common sense definition, because if you look at the American public, they've got 20 billion - 20 trillion, I should say, worth of residential homes. Warren Buffett

Though it is fairly easy to describe what constitutes a bad home, there is no simple definition of a good one. Conformity with the traditional pattern certainly is no guarantee of the happiest results. Alva Myrdal

I still love to go back to Mitchell [his home town] and wander up and down those streets. It just kind of reassures me again that there is a place that I know thoroughly, where the roots are deep. Everything had a place, a specific definition. George Mcgovern

Our heroes are those... who... act above and beyond the call of duty and in so doing give definition to patriotism and elevate all of us.... America is the land of the free because we are the home of the brave. David Mahoney

When I was a kid, I would come home from school, throw my bag, go out to play. My daughter comes home from school, throws her bag, goes to play, but sitting in front of the computer because their definition of play has changed. They don't go out to play. They play on the computer with their friends. Indra Nooyi

Definition of lecture: An art of transmitting Information from the notes of the lecturer to the notes of students without passing through the minds of either. Definition of conference: The confusion of one man multiplied by the number present Definition of office: A place where you can relax after your strenuous home life. "What people say about me behind my back is none of my business." RuPaul

I have a definition of success.. Benjamin Zander

The definition of success is total preparation. George Allen

The very definition of 'beauty' is outside. Adam Carolla

My definition of success is control. Kenneth Branagh

Everybody knows there is no such thing as normal. There is no black-and-white definition of normal. Normal is subjective. There's only a messy, inconsistent, silly, hopeful version of how we feel most at home in our lives. Tori Spelling

Maybe the definition of home is the place where you are never forgiven. So you may always belong there, bound by guilt. And maybe the cost of belonging is worth it. Gregory Maguire

Books can accommodate the proximity of computers but it doesn't seem to work the other way around. Computers now literally drive out books from the place that should, by definition, be books' own home: the library. Larry Mcmurtry

I used to be the definition of a people pleaser. I would say 'yes' to anything and everything and then, when I got home, I'd complain and vent to my family. I had to realise that it's okay to say 'no' sometimes. Lizzie Velasquez

What really happened in Vietnam was- all these things are away games for the American military. We're not on our home turf, which means to succeed there has to be a partner. And the definition of partnership is someone willing to risk their lives in their home area to prevail because they think it's necessary to build a decent life and a better life for their people. William J Clinton

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort. Jane Austen

An education program is, by definition, a societal program. Work should be done at school, rather than at home. Francois Hollande

There's no place like home, there's no place like home John Howard Payne



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