Defining Moments Quotes


All I want is the defining moment. Brian Bosworth

People have defining moments, i suppose, especially when they're children. Markus Zusak

Occasions for defining moments do not arise every day. When they do, we must seize the opportunities they present for improving everyone's life. Dick Pound

I think you only see experiences as defining moments with distance. Sam Taylor-Wood

Press on. Your defining moment may arrive just when you feel surrounded by adversity. David Cottrell

That's a defining moment, there, when someone plays an instrument that everyone relates to around the planet. Neil Young

There must've been some part of me that wanted to make my mark. But there was never a defining moment. Daniel Day-Lewis

We all have defining moments. It is in these moments that we find our true characters. We become heroes or cowards; truth tellers or liars; we go forward or we go backward. Robert Kiyosaki

We talk about defining moments, but I think nothing can define you. They're all refining moments. You're constantly refining yourself and refining your life. Sheryl Crow

But in life we don't usually get to choose the time of our defining moments. We just have to stand and face them when they come, no matter what sort of a state we're in. Darren Shan

There are defining moments in one's life when you learn about yourself, and you deposit that knowledge in the experience account, so you can draw on it at some later date. Jeffrey Archer

We all have life-defining moments. They are like open-book tests, but we don't know we have been examined until it is over. John Bevere

In your life's defining moments there are two choices - you either step forward in faith and power or you step backward into fear. James Arthur Ray

One sign of a great actor is when he can be alone by himself on the screen, doing almost nothing, and producing one of a film's defining moments. Roger Ebert

Hold'em - like life itself - has its defining moment. It's the flop. When you see the flop, you're looking at 71 percent of your hand, and the cost is only a single round of betting. Lou Krieger

I don't want to look back-I want to keep looking ahead. I'd hate for my defining moment to be my past. Scott Hamilton

When a defining moment comes along, you define the moment, or the moment defines you. Kevin Costner

The idea of an election is much more interesting to me than the election itself...The act of voting is in itself the defining moment. Jeff Melvoin

Grads need to remember that it's [showcases] just a jumping off point for their career, not the defining moment. Rachel Hoffman

Tommy Hearns seemed like an indestructible machine, so to beat him, I think that was my defining moment, the pinnacle. Sugar Ray Leonard



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