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The worst thing any decorator can do is give a client the feeling that he's walking around somebody else's house; the rooms must belong to the owner, not to the decorator; and no rooms can have atmosphere unless they are used and lived in. Billy Baldwin

Without ethical consciousness, a painter is only a decorator. Robert Motherwell

Often it's a lack of time, not taste, that leads someone to hire a decorator. A good decorator/client relationship should be like a marriage. The time one puts in needs to be extensive. One needs to listen to them and understand what they like and how they live. Nicholas Haslam

A good decorator not only plans and schemes, but he also knows how the job is done. Albert Hadley

We needed to have a great set decorator, a great D.P., a great costume designer, everybody. Without all these people, we would have made a shitty movie. Vincent Paronnaud

I think I missed my calling. I should have been an interior decorator. Victor Hugo

I wanted to be a decorator. I wanted to interior design homes and do everything myself. Ursula Andress

Being a decorator allowed me to see what about people's environments made them happy. And what things they could do to have more light and color and joy in their daily lives. Alexandra Stoddard

I've never wanted to become a politician, an interior decorator, I've never wanted to speculate and make a load of money. I just wanted this. Terence Stamp

Some friends of theirs had rented their house for several months to an interior decorator. When they returned, they discovered that their entire library had been reorganized by color and size. Shortly thereafter, the decorator met with a fatal automobile accident. I confess that when this story was told, everyone around the dinner table concurred that justice had been served. Anne Fadiman

I always look at magazines and wind up standing there like, "Whose house looks like this? Who lives this way?" I never can understand what the point of view is. The only thing you can really do, being a decorator, is put an educated client towards what it is they don't know about. The dialogue between a client and a decorator should be more about, "Let me help you get to the point where you can find a comfortable place to live and be exposed to things," the way that an art consultant exposes a person who wants to buy art to art, instead of inflicting good taste upon them. Jim Walrod

The decorator of Las Colimas must have been a great admirer of both early Aztec and late Taco Bell architectural styles. Ilona Andrews

Italian women are some of the most beautiful in the world. This is why the Vatican is in Italy. If a man can walk across Italy and retain his celibacy, he's got what it takes to be a priest - or an interior decorator. Craig Ferguson

While President Bush was out of town Hillary Clinton stopped by the White House on Friday for an important meeting with her decorator. Jay Leno

I wondered how television worked. I thought about how an interior decorator decided on colors and styles. I wondered, when babies tarted learning how to walk, if they didn't know that that couldn't walk. Cupcake Brown

I'm no interior decorator, but just I have a feeling that plastic plants in the bathroom... probably not a good idea. Kyan Douglas

Design, to me, is part psychology, part sociology, and part magic. A good decorator should know what's going on in someone's marriage and how their kids are doing in school. Nate Berkus

It's my job to know what's available from every retailer, catalog, website, antiques mall, and craftsperson. A good designer or decorator has to have an almost encyclopedic knowledge. Nate Berkus

First and foremost, I'm a decorator and product designer. Everything I do, the television shows, the books, that comes from the design work. It's what I love. Nate Berkus

You can ask any set decorator on any set where I've had to be in an office, I always kind of claim it - I put Post-its everywhere, and I kind of make it look lived-in. Anna Chlumsky



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