Death Family Quotes


Families survive, one way or another. You have a tie, a connection that exists long after death, through many lifetimes. Jessica Lange

You hear a lot of dialogue on the death of the American family. Families aren't dying. They're merging into big conglomerates. Erma Bombeck

The Bible identifies 15 crimes against the family worthy of the death penalty. ABORTION is treason against the family and deserves the DEATH PENALTY. ADULTERY is treason to the family; adulterers should be put to DEATH. HOMOSEXUALITY is treason to the family, and it too, is worthy of DEATH. R.J. Rushdoony

If we're a family and your brother wishes you death, it's not a very happy family. Etgar Keret

Money, credit scores, material things don't matter. Life & death, your family & friends, once they're gone it's irreversible. Don't forget. Heather Dorff

American family life has never been particularly idyllic. In the nineteenth century, nearly a quarter of all children experienced the death of one of their parents.... Not until the sixties did the chief cause of separation of parents shift from death to divorce. Richard Louv

You can live in the world and have friends, family and possessions. But don't take them all too seriously. Death removes everything. Feel death is every moment, as life is every moment. Frederick Lenz

As far as my divorce goes, I love my family and I love my wife to death and I just don't know what tomorrow's going to bring. Hulk Hogan

A beautiful vacuum filled with wealthy monogamists, all powerful and members of the best families all drinking themselves to death. Ernest Hemingway

Upon the death of my father, our family and myself were emotionally and financially exhausted. Sam Sheppard

Each holy temple stands as a symbol of our membership in the Church, as a sign of our faith in life after death, and as a sacred step toward eternal glory for us and our families. Russell M Nelson

Family!... You might just as well celebrate battle, murder and sudden death. Margaret Mahy

Life's what's important. Walking, houses, family. Birth and pain and joy - and then death. Katharine Hepburn

I don't worry. I'm more stoical. Of course I have insecurities. I fear getting older. I fear death and illness. I'm not prone to depression, but I get depressed because everybody gets depressed. Suddenly I'm away from my family or doing a job I'm not enjoying. David Thewlis

Abortion is the insurance against that fate worse than death which is called a family. Peter Kreeft

One family - we dwell in Him, One church above, beneath, Though now divided by the stream, The narrow stream of death. Charles Wesley

The death tax punishes the American dream - making it virtually impossible for the average American family to build wealth across generations. Kit Bond

Movies like that aren't about the visual effects and explosions. They're human stories about family, about life, about death. Orlando Bloom

Drake's my little brother; I love him to death, and he's family-oriented. Birdman

I never really had to deal with a death in the family, let alone my brother. Torrey Smith



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