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Love much dear friends for love will bring the healing joy and hope of Spring. . . John McLeod

Expectation makes a blessing dear. Heaven were not heaven if we knew what it was. John Suckling

The longest tyranny that ever sway'd Was that wherein our ancestors betray'd Their free-born reason to the Stagirite [Aristotle], And made his torch their universal light. So truth, while only one suppli'd the state, Grew scarce, and dear, and yet sophisticate. John Dryden

Enflamed with the study of learning and the admiration of virtue; stirred up with high hopes of living to be brave men and worthy patriots, dear to God, and famous to all ages. John Milton

What needs my Shakespeare for his honour'd bones,- The labour of an age in piled stones? Or that his hallow'd relics should be hid Under a star-y-pointing pyramid? Dear son of memory, great heir of fame, What need'st thou such weak witness of thy name? John Milton

He who loathes war, and will do everything in his power to avert it, but who will, in the last extremity, encounter its perils, from love of country and of home-who is willing to sacrifice himself and all that is dear to him in life, to promote the well-being of his fellow-man, will ever receive a worthy homage. John Stevens Cabot Abbott

As I go musing through this mournful land Soothed by the pine-tree's solemn harmony, Thy well-loved image comes and walks by me. I seem to hold thee by the gentle hand And talk of things I dimly understand, That thy dear spirit set to mine may be As to an intricate lock the simple key. John Barlas

Shortly after the birth control pill was approved for public distribution, one woman wrote to John Rock, its inventor, "You should be afraid to meet your maker." Rock, despite being Catholic replied, "My dear Madam, in my faith, we are taught that the Lord is with us always. When my time comes, there will be no need for introductions." Malcolm Gladwell

The life of "peace" is both an inner journey toward a disarmed heart and a public journey toward a disarmed world. This difficult but beautiful journey gives infinite meaning and fulfillment to life itself because our lives become a gift for the whole human race. With peace as the beginning, middle, and end of life, life makes sense. John Dear

If you don't know about Tumblr then you are not supposed to know about Tumblr. It's like fight club. John Green

I'm interested in Internet cultures. I'm interested in what the teenagers who drive the Internet culture are passionate about. I follow their lead - they go to tumblr, I go to tumblr. John Green

If you do' know about Tumblr then you are not supposed to know about Tumblr. It's like fight club. John Green

Take with you the joy of Easter to the home, and make that home bright with more unselfish love, more hearty service; take it into your work, and do all in the name of the Lord Jesus; take it to your heart, and let that heart rise anew on Easter wings to a higher, a gladder, a fuller life; take it to the dear grave-side and say there the two words Jesus lives! and find in them the secret of calm expectation, the hope of eternal reunion. John Ellerton

It is pleasing to the dear God whenever thou rejoicest or laughest from the bottom of thy heart. Martin Luther

Pushing forty? She's hanging on for dear life. Ivy Compton-Burnett

Man's best support is a very dear friend. Marcus Tullius Cicero

My dear brother, never allow a woman to hold all of the cards. Karen Hawkins

Men are not amusing during the shooting season; but, after all, my dear, men were not especially designed to amuse women. Gertrude Atherton

O dearer far than light and life are dear. William Wordsworth

All good things are cheap: all bad are very dear. Henry David Thoreau



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