Dean Ambrose Quotes


I am actually as good as everybody else pretends to be. It's scary. Dean Ambrose

From one scumbag to another... Dean Ambrose

There are three things in this world that will survive a nuclear explosion: Twinkies, cockroaches and Dean Ambroses. Dean Ambrose

I am an unstoppable killing machine. I am the greatest champion that ever walked the face of this planet. Dean Ambrose

I've got ice water running through my veins, I'm cool. Dean Ambrose

....and your stupid camel mask... Dean Ambrose

There's no, 'Oh my God, somebody else is gonna come back and take my spot.' I wanna have a spot that's my spot, that nobody can take away, because nobody else is me. Dean Ambrose

I never thought I was a bad person. I just thought I was the one good person living in a world of bad people. Dean Ambrose

I spent two months in a jail once. In a Mexican border town. Dean Ambrose

I like to go to bars and bang really ugly girls, I just like to, I'm just a sick guy. Dean Ambrose

But she's ditched Dean! J K Rowling

Hurry n: The dispatch of bunglers. Ambrose Bierce

INDISCRETION, n. The guilt of woman. Ambrose Bierce

MONARCHICAL GOVERNMENT, n. Government. Ambrose Bierce

I typically have a martini. Rona Ambrose

Timely blossom, Infant fair, Fondling of a happy pair. Ambrose Philips

Common-law, n. The will and pleasure of the judge. Ambrose Bierce

Demagogue, n. A political opponent. Ambrose Bierce

Equal, adj. As bad as something else. Ambrose Bierce

Expediency, n. The father of all the virtues. Ambrose Bierce



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