Dealing with Stupid People Quotes


When you look at obesity in the United States, clearly it is not a bunch of stupid people. It has nothing to do with intelligence. Sometimes people who are dealing with issues of obesity and compulsive eating know more than I will ever know about nutrition, metabolism, and exercise, because they have studied it. But clearly the real problem, and therefore the real solution, is on another level of consciousness, and that is where the spiritual work comes in. Marianne Williamson

The problem with educating stupid people was that they did' know they were stupid. The same went for curing crazy people. Chuck Palahniuk

Stupid people surround themselves with smart people. Smart people surround themselves with smart people who disagree with them. Aaron Sorkin

I'm rarely in a situation where, if you have a good idea, it's not embraced. That's stupid. And I don't work with stupid people. Richard Gere

Again, (America is) a stupid country with stupid people who don't pay attention. Bill Maher

People aren't grapes - you can't weigh them in a bunch, but I guess it's easier than dealing with people as individuals. Rita Mae Brown

When it comes to the Internet, people like dealing with people. Bob Parsons

I was a lousy waiter, dealing with people and having people in your face like that. Judge Reinhold

I have a respect for manners as such, they are a way of dealing with people you don't agree with or like. Margaret Mead

Dealing with my own life takes priority over other people dealing with my life. Bob Dylan

The true man of the past waited upon Heaven when dealing with people and did not wait upon people when dealing with Heaven. Zhuangzi

Technology was once a substitute for dealing with people, but today it is at the heart of sociability. Mark Penn

My popularity, my happiness and sense of worth depend to no small extent upon my skill in dealing with people. Dale Carnegie

When you're dealing with people in an industry that's all about making money, they push you farther than you really wanna go. Lil' Kim

While you can think in terms of efficiency in dealing with time, a principle-centered person thinks in terms of effectiveness in dealing with people. Stephen Covey

Ghosts were just a way that some stupid people dealt with their dull lives. Charles De Lint

The problem with the world is there's too many stupid people and nobody to eat them. Carlos Mencia

You must be careful with kindness. It's usually mistaken for weakness by stupid people. Clive Barker

I learned that in dealing with things, you spent much more time and energy in dealing with people than in dealing with things. Buwei Yang Chao

If you're someone from the government and you meet people from other countries, you want to know who you're dealing with. It's the same for them [in Valerian]. Luc Besson



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