Dark Crow Quotes


A rooster crows only when it sees the light. Put him in the dark and he'll never crow. I have seen the light and I'm crowing. Muhammad Ali

...dark furrow lines grid the snow, punctuated by orange abacus beads of pumpkins - now the crows own the field... John J. Geddes

Descend you weary-laden, descend in the dark earth, help me to finish swiftly my dread master's shroud, let each hem hold my pain, each corner hide a crow, a lean, voracious crow to peck his heart out bit by bit. Nikos Kazantzakis

Part of what I am dealing with, with this blackness, is asking the question, "Where are those black people, who are as dark as the description of a young black boy that Solomon Northup gives in 12 Years A Slave?" He describes the young black 14-year-old boy as "blacker than any crow." You have to question if he is using that metaphorically or as a descriptive? Kerry James Marshall

Personally, I like a chocolate-colored sky, dark, dark chocolate. Markus Zusak

Creeds made in Dark Ages are like drawings made in dark rooms Joseph Mccabe

Marriage is the dark side of the honeymoon Marilyn Monroe

I am attracted to the dark side of life! Famke Janssen

I quite like dark humor. Marina And The Diamonds

Personally, I prefer the dark side. Daniel Radcliffe

Prague is a dark place. Fred Durst

I adore dark chocolate. Diane Von Furstenberg

There's a dark side to everything. Prince

I love dark chocolate. I love it. Emma Roberts

You can't have a light without a dark to stick it in. Arlo Guthrie

I think I have a pattern of nice and lovely and then dark and twisted. Ryan Murphy

I wouldn't vote against getting rid of the Jim Crow laws. Ron Paul

What is dark within me, illumine. John Milton

In the evening, I walked alone down to the Lake by the side of Crow Park after sunset and saw the solemn coloring of night draw on, the last gleam of sunshine fading away on the hilltops, the seep serene of the asters, and the long shadows of the mountains thrown across them, till they nearly touched the hithermost shore. At distance hear the murmur of many waterfalls not audible in the day-time. Wished for the moon, but she was dark to me and silent, hid in her vacant interlunar cave. Thomas Gray

Don't go looking in dark places, because dark things live there. Robin Wasserman



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