Cute Infinity Quotes


What does infinity mean to you? Are you not infinity and yourself? Dejan Stojanovic

Finite mind cannot comprehend infinity. Jeremiah Seed

The present is elastic to embrace infinity. Louis K Anspacher

Death is just infinity closing in. Jorge Luis Borges

Through all the windows I only see infinity. Mark Z Danielewski

There can be no centre in infinity. Lucretius

log log log x goes to infinity with great dignity. Daniel Shanks

Log Log Log (x) goes off to infinity with x, but has never been observed to do so. Carl Pomerance

Thats how we survive infinity - we kill it by breaking it up into small bits. Terry Pratchett

God has thickly strewn infinity with grandeur. Alexander Smith

One source of the sublime is infinity. Edmund Burke

What I look for in musicians is a sense of infinity Pat Metheny

How much does the universe weigh, when it fasts for infinity? Akiane Kramarik

A Breath of love can take you all the way to infinity Rumi

I've seen a lot more go to zero than infinity. James Chanos

Infinity is just zero spelled backwards. Derek R. Audette

for the more a man restricts himself the closer he is, conversely, to infinity. Stefan Zweig

I never thought I was cute, ever. Erin Heatherton

Infinity is the end. End without infinity is but a new beginning. Dejan Stojanovic

My general thing is, if you feel cute in your outfit, then your outfit is cute. Camila Cabello



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