Cult Quotes Government


I applaud strong government, but not overweening government sustained by cronies, ciphers and a personality cult. Margaret Thatcher

Within the Nazi Party, the beginnings of a personality cult around Hitler go back to the year before the [Munich] putsch... Outside these small groups of fanatical Bavarian Nazis, Hitler's image and reputation at this time - so far as the wider German public took any notice of him at all - was little more than that of a vulgar demagogue, capable of drumming up passionate opposition to the government among the Munich mob, but of little else. Ian Kershaw

The next four years, though, you still have to abide by the oversight process that is there to prevent this kind of bizarre sort of cult-like atmosphere that falls along. I mean, I accept that kind of veil of secrecy around Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, but I don't accept that around our government. Jon Stewart

Man is not free unless government is limited. Ronald Reagan

We have been very effectively pacified by the pernicious ideology of a consumer society that is centered on the cult of the self - an undiluted hedonism and narcissism. That has become a very effective way to divert our attention while the country is reconfigured into a kind of neofeudalism, with a rapacious oligarchic elite and an anemic government that no longer is able to intercede on behalf of citizens but cravenly serves the interests of the oligarchy itself. Chris Hedges

One mans cult is another mans religion. Annie Parisse

The easiest way to kill a cult is to make that cult accessible. Quentin Tarantino

The cult of the omnipotent state has millions of followers in the united States. Americans of today view their government in the same way as Christians view their God; they worship and adore the state and they render their lives and fortunes to it. Statists believe that their lives - their very being - are a privilege that the state has given to them. They believe that everything they do is - and should be - dependent on the consent of the government. Thus, statists support such devices as income taxation, licensing laws, regulations, passports, trade restrictions, and the like. Jacob G. Hornberger

No government ever voluntarily reduces itself in size. Ronald Reagan

The Obama campaign seems dangerously close to becoming a cult of personality. Paul Krugman

I discourage a cult of personality. Newt Gingrich

The witches do not know the origin of their cult. Gerald Gardner

Please. They're like the Cult of Four. Veronica Roth

As far as I'm concerned, the coolest word in film is 'cult. Troy Duffy

I call myself the assistant cult leader. Charlie Munger

Cargo cults fascinate me partly because Christianity itself is in many ways a cargo cult. Nick Laird

Hillary Clinton is, I think, a cult figure. Rush Limbaugh

I like being infamous. I think it is safe being a cult. Adam Ant

When people leave cults, they don't know that they left a cult. Sean Durkin

All culture must have arisen from cult. Alan Moore



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