Crow Bird Sayings


The black crow thinketh her own birds white. Gavin Douglas

Don't the wounded bird still sing? Sheryl Crow

In order to better charge Moscow with human rights violations, the United States had to bend with regard to the more excessive aspects of Jim Crow. It had to yield to the insistent cries on the ground here in this country. Gerald Horne

Whenever a Republican gets in office, all of a sudden progressives realize that federalism and state's rights aren't necessarily only about defending slavery or Jim Crow. They're actually about maximizing freedom. Jonah Goldberg

So more and more black folk tend to be well-adjusted to [Barack] Obama's presidency, but does that mean they're well-adjusted to injustice? Because we don't hear our president talking about the new Jim Crow, the prison-industrial complex. Cornel West

There's as much risk in doing nothing as in doing something. Trammell Crow

I would rather die a dreamer than live as a cynic. Scott Crow

The crow wished everything was black, the Owl, that everything was white. William Blake

The early bird gets the worm, the rest starve. Darren Hardy

I spend a lot of time learning about bird watching. Nikki Giovanni

There is no bird flu in commercial stocks. Michael E Mann

By going and coming, a bird weaves its nest. Ashanti

Wax myrtle: The birds love this stuff. Mike Thompson

We started America with the sin of slavery that led right into the post-reconstruction period which was the greatest period of domestic terrorism in our country's history. Then after that, we had Jim Crow emerge and just when the Jim Crow laws were ending came the onslaught of the drug war. Well, the drug war has so perniciously effected, insidiously infected communities of color that in some ways it has come full circle, and we now have more African Americans under criminal supervision than all of the slaves in 1865. This is a profoundly unjust war. Cory Booker

The American crow is at an all-time low of 82 birds. Others hit by the West Nile, like the black-capped chickadee, have rebounded. Jeff Chapman

My Mother was a very wild Australian woman. When we were in Africa she could kill a snake with one blow from a crow bar, which she kept at the back door. Mem Fox

The early bird gets the worm but the late bird doesn't even get the late worm. Charles M Schulz

It has always been difficult to get Big Bird to be very pretty. Big Bird in England is much more gorgeous. Jim Henson

Sometimes the early bird gets the worm, but sometimes the early bird gets frozen to death. Myron Scholes

I like a good beer buzz early in the morning. Sheryl Crow



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