Count Von Count Quotes


Keep on listening & tapping your feet. Count Basie

Better to lose count while naming your blessings than to lose your blessings to counting your troubles. Maltbie Davenport Babcock

Always count your blessings. Be thankful you are able to be out on a beautiful course. Most people in the world don't have that opportunity. Fred Couples

What scoundrels we would be if we did for ourselves what we are ready to do for Italy. Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour

The real innovators did their innovating by just being themselves. Count Basie

Before you count the profit, count the cost of a working mother. A. Theodore Tuttle

So to have peace, the best way to put your mind right is to think of good things. Think of the flowers, not of the thorns. What good things others have done to you, what good things there are, what are the beautiful moments you have had, and count your blessings . Count your blessings, otherwise you cannot create peace. Nirmala Srivastava

If you find a note tonight that sounds good, play the same damn note every night! Count Basie

The man who trusts men will make fewer mistakes that he who distrusts them. Camillo Benso, Count of Cavour

You really do learn by example... Especially women, sometimes we think somebody's going to rescue us, or somebody's going to teach us how to do it, when in fact we have to understand that the biggest resource we have is inside of ourselves. I know that I can count on me to take care of me. That's a very important thing to know. Marlo Thomas

Drop the question of what tomorrow may bring, and count as profit every day that Fate allows you. Horace

I count life just a stuff To try the soul's strength on. Robert Browning

If I didn't have some kind of education, then I wouldn't be able to count my money. Missy Elliot

I can count on one hand the number of instrumental hits there have been over the last 10 years. Chuck Mangione

As history has demonstrated many times over, change may arrive slowly or quickly but it is the one constant, in one form or another, on which we can all count. Aberjhani

Count Basie was college, but Duke Ellington was graduate school. Clark Terry

Count no day lost in which you waited your turn, took only your share and sought advantage over no one. Robert Breault

When you need a friend, you can always count on your teammates. Jim Brown

I have imbibed such a love for money that I keep some sequins in a drawer to count, and cry over them once a week. Lord Byron

Count my own money, see the paper cut fingers? Drake



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