Connecting With God Quotes


The moment we change our thinking and start connecting with God, we start connecting with His plans, which always exceed our small plans. Danny Gokey

What the Sozo session leader must do is to help open their minds, hearts and spirits to another method of connecting with God. We can do this by a number of methods, principally by leading the Sozoee through a series of simple exercises to expand their repertoire of sensing, hearing, feeling and connecting with God. Jim Banks

My spiritual connection with nature is basically what we all have - you transcend yourself. It's what happens when you see a sunset, for example. If I were using a traditional religious term, I'd say I was connecting with God. For me, I feel that much more in nature than in a city. Robert Johnson

If one person "wastes" away his day by spending hours connecting with God, and the other person believes he is too busy or has better things to do than worship the Creator and Sustainer, who is the crazy one? Francis Chan

My relationship with God is as strong as the time and energy I put into connecting with God. Macklemore

How do you become a thought leader? It starts with *being* a thought leader and then connecting the dots back to you. Brian Solis

When it comes down to it, @Taskrabbit is about neighbors connecting with neighbors Leah Busque

I love connecting with readers! Sylvia Day

I like connecting with people through technology. Theophilus London

Many have a vague idea that they must make some wonderful effort in order to gain the favor of God. But all self-dependence is vain. It is only by connecting with Jesus through faith that the sinner becomes a hopeful, believing child of God. Ellen G White

The Gospel gives our suffering personal and cosmic meaning, by connecting our pain to the pain of others, and finally, by connecting us to the very pain of God. Richard Rohr

Collecting the dots. Then connecting them. And then sharing the connections with those around you. This is how a creative human works. Collecting, connecting, sharing. Amanda Palmer

I don't even want to call it God. I just want to call it connecting with something that's greater than I am. So that's the biggest thing from Tennessee - the spirit. Valerie June

The feeling of being alive and at One with everything is available through the path of Tantra. When your heart is open and you are making love, there is no separation between you, your partner and God. This is healing sex. This is connecting with the Divine. And the important thing to develop is the sense that this sacred experience is available in all instants. It is not limited to sex. Philip Smith

Remain grateful for every outcome. Every outcome. Gratitude is the connecting energy to God. Neale Donald Walsch

Surround yourself with a loving community. Susan Harrison

You win the presidency by connecting with the American people's gut insecurities and aspirations. You win with a concept. Thomas Friedman

The greatest obstacle to connecting with our joy is resentment. Pema Chodron

When you're truly connecting with wisdom, the more you learn, the more you realize the less you know. Yehuda Berg

Branding is the process of connecting good strategy with good creativity. Marty Neumeier



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