Confusing Questions


As a teenager and even still now being 21, it's always love questions - it's always so confusing. Ashlee Simpson

Anyone who says the artist's field is all answers and no questions has never done any writing or had any dealings with imageryYou are confusing two concepts: answering the questions and formulating them correctly. Only the latter is required of an author. Anton Chekhov

We shouldn't get hung up on the questions we can't answer because life, by definition, is confusing. We're never going to have all the answers. Never. We should focus on the questions we can answer and make peace with the ones we can't. Nicole Williams

The truth is, "What is a journalist?" is one of those questions for which there is no proper answer. The prehistory of modern journalism shows it has been a ragged and confusing trade all the way through. Andrew Marr

Good questions outrank easy answers. Paul Samuelson

There are no right answers to wrong questions. Ursula K Le Guin

Ask an impertinent question and you are on the way to the pertinent answer. Jacob Bronowski

If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers. Thomas Pynchon

It reveals that people are confusing." Rovender corrected her. "Not Confusing. Complex. Tony DiTerlizzi

Was it confusing because it was artistic, or artistic because it was confusing? Joyce Carol Oates

Some days I might be wearing a little dress, and some days I might be wearing something with wings on it and be confusing. Estelle

No man really becomes a fool until he stops asking questions. Charles Proteus Steinmetz

Ask the right questions if you're going to find the right answers. Vanessa Redgrave

Asking the right questions is as important as answering them Benoit Mandelbrot

And then what makes the work interesting is if you choose the right questions. Bruce Nauman

We hear only those questions for which we are in a position to find answers. Friedrich Nietzsche

Ask BIG questions, find BIG answers. Sugata Mitra

Only good questions deserve good answers. Oscar Wilde

Only stupid questions create wealth. Gary Hamel

There are no dumb questions?only dumb answers. Marshall Loeb



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