Closed doors


Democracies die behind closed doors. Damon Keith

My mother's great. She has the major looks. She could stop you from doing anything, through a closed door even, with a single look. Without saying a word, she has that power to rip out your tonsils. Whoopi Goldberg

It's the three pairs of eyes that mothers have to have...One pair that see through closed doors. Another in the back of her head...and, of course, the ones in front that can look at a child when he goofs up and reflect 'I understand and I love you' without so much as uttering a word. Erma Bombeck

I thank God for Closed Doors Tyler Perry

Reading is a private pursuit; one that takes place behind closed doors. Siri Hustvedt

Nothing is allowed in public, while everything is permitted behind closed doors. Shahin Najafi

What people do behind closed doors is certainly not my concern unless I'm there with them. Dolly Parton

What consenting adults do behind closed doors is not my business. Shelley Berkley

I almost died, secretly, behind closed doors. Stephen Baldwin

The past is a closed door. Margaret Atwood

Nothing attracts me like a closed door. Margaret Bourke-White

A clever, imaginative, humorous request can open closed doors and closed minds. Percy Ross

A door opens to me. I go in and am faced with a hundred closed doors. Antonio Porchia

The things that happen to people we never really know. What happens in houses behind closed doors, what secrets - Harper Lee

Build patterns on time with God into your life when your worship leading...Never let your time leading on a public stage eclipse what's going on with you and God behind closed doors. Vicky Beeching

Gideon was an untamed animal behind closed doors, a lover who bared me to the soul every time he made love to me. Sylvia Day

The eye and brain are conspirators, and, like most conspiracies, theirs is negotiated behind closed doors, in the back room, outside of our awareness. Daniel Gilbert

You never know what someone is dealing with behind closed doors. You only know what you see or what you think you see. Mackenzie Phillips

If you are 'too busy' most of the time, or locked behind closed doors, no mentoring relationship can work. Martin Zwilling

I think people hide behind anonymity and they feel like they can say whatever they want behind closed doors. Randi Zuckerberg



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