Classless Society Quotes


Classless society is the dream of people with no class. Robert Zend

It is one of history's ironies that Communism, advertised as a classless society, tended to breed a privileged class of feudal proportions. Henry A Kissinger

In the next ten years we will have to continue to make changes which will make the whole of this country a genuinely classless society. John Major

The class struggle necessarily leads to the dictatorship of the proletariat. Karl Marx

The search for Nirvana, like the search for Utopia or the end of history or the classless society, is ultimately a futile and dangerous one. It involves, if it does not necessitate, the sleep of reason. There is no escape from anxiety and struggle. Christopher Hitchens

By 'socialism' I mean a classless society in which the State has disappeared, production is cooperative, and no man has political or economic power over another. The touchstone would be the extent to which each individual could develop his own talents and personality. Dwight Macdonald

The masters thought they were loved until one day one of their favorites farted loudly while serving dinner and the next day was gone. The very first manifestation of the classless society is the disappearance of the servant class. John Kenneth Galbraith

With all of its false assumptions and evil methods, communism grew as a protest against the hardships of the underprivileged. Communism in theory emphasized a classless society, and a concern for social justice, though the world knows from sad experience that in practice it created new classes and a new lexicon of injustice. Martin Luther King, Jr.

What I did that was new was to prove that the existence of classes is only bound up with particular, historical phases in the development of production; that the class struggle necessarily leads to the dictatorship of the proletariat; and that dictatorship itself only constitutes the transition to the abolition of all classes and to a classless society. Karl Marx

For instance, our country wanted to effect a revolution, and did effect it, and now we are building a new classless society. Joseph Stalin

Otherwise we get off the track and we do not fulfil the historical role which we want to fulfil: to help the masses, the exploited and the oppressed of the world, build a classless society, a world socialist federation. Ernest Mandel

My own contribution was: 1. to show that the existence of classes is merely bound up with certain historical phases in the development of production; 2. that the class struggle necessarily leads to the dictatorship of the proletariat; 3. that this dictatorship itself constitutes no more than a transition to the abolition of all classes and to a classless society. Karl Marx

There is a way to share an insight into your personal life without being classless, which is what I'm trying to do. Sam Smith

All that is valuable in human society depends upon the opportunity for development accorded the individual. Albert Einstein

We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society. Hillary Clinton

The happiness of society is the end of government. John Adams

A crowded society is a restrictive society; an overcrowded society becomes an authoritarian, repressive and murderous society. Edward Abbey

Without society, and a society to our taste, men are never contented. Thomas Jefferson

A secret society within a secret society. Dave Barry

We are shifting from a managerial society to an entrepreneurial society. John Naisbitt



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