Circles Of Hell Quotes


There had to be a circle of Hell where you were eternally fourteen, eternally in junior high. One of the lower circles. Laurell K Hamilton

There is heroism even in the circles of hell for fellow-sinners who cling to each other in the fiery whirlwind and never recriminate. George Eliot

When Dante described the circles of Hell, he clearly forgot the one where a hungry pixie sits on one's shoulder for eternity. Elizabeth May

There is in hell a place stone-built throughout, Called Malebolge, of an iron hue, Like to the wall that circles it about. Dante Alighieri

I hate the telephone. I think the lowest circle of hell is reserved for Alexander Graham Bell. Rita Mae Brown

The idea of being stuck in a plane with dozens of people chatting over each other on their phones might feel like Dante's 10th circle of hell. Regina Brett

Hell is the bloodcurdling mansion of time, in whose profoundest circle Satan himself waits, winding a gargantuan watch in his hand. Antonio Machado

Planning a wedding is hell. Things are said. Doors are slammed. Quarrels about the most inconsequential things-yellow tablecloths or white? hors d'oeuvres set out on tables or passed around on trays?-are often pitched at such a level that it seems the combatants may never recover from them. Much of the anxiety, of course, is tribal. It is wrenching to have to open the sacred circle to admit an outsider. Caitlin Flanagan

Afghanistan is more than the 'graveyard of empires.' It's the mother of vicious circles. Maureen Dowd

I survive at the edge of friends circles. Holly Black

Life is full of circles Nora Roberts

You'll see why, in animation circles, Miyazaki himself is considered one of the gods. David Ansen

Conversation is a game of circles. Ralph Waldo Emerson

"What the hell'd you let them break your spirit for?" You know, their lives ran in circles so small. Ah, they thought they'd seen it all. And they could not make a place for a girl who'd seen the ocean. Michelle Shocked

It was a fine cry - loud and long - but it had no bottom and it had no top, just circles and circles of sorrow. Toni Morrison

Because love, love is never finished. It circles and circles, the memories out of order and not always complete. Sara Zarr

I don't believe that life is linear. I think of it as circles - concentric circles that connect. Michelle Williams

Think of the wonderful circles in which our whole being moves and from which we cannot escape no matter how we try. The circler circles in these circles. E T A Hoffmann

When you're in @*!-ing hell, your forehead can feel a wee bit feverish. (By the way, that's the way my wife actually curses. She doesn't use dirty words; she'll literally say "asterisk, pound sign, exclamation point, the-letter-'A'-with-a-circle-around-it, asterisk, asterisk, asterisk.") Paul Reiser

Come out of the circle of time And into the circle of love. Rumi



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