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Here are more quotes about chemistry and famous quotations made by chemists relating to their science. There's no way you can create a chemistry where none exists. Michael Parkinson

There is no true understanding of Biology without Chemistry. And there's no true understanding of Chemistry without Physics. Neil Degrasse Tyson

This means that we have here an entirely separate kind of chemistry for which the current tool we use is the electrometer, not the balance, and which we might well call the chemistry of the imponderable. Marie Curie

...the question undoubtedly is, or soon will be, not whether or no we shall employ notation in chemistry, but whether we shall use a bad and incongruous, or a consistent and regular notation. William Whewell

Throughout his life Newton must have devoted at least as much attention to chemistry and theology as to mathematics. ... W. W. Rouse Ball

With all deference to Chairman Mao and other authors whose quotations derive from longer works, it seemed that I was becoming the world's first writer of self-contained ready-made quotations. Ashleigh Brilliant

This [discovery of a cell-free yeast extract] will make him famous, even though he has no talent for chemistry. Adolf von Baeyer

Practically everyone in Hollywood has a neighbor whos been famous, wants to be famous, is famous, has been married to someone famous, worked with someone famous, slept with someone famous, been blackmailed by someone famous. Jennifer Grey

Who would not have been laughed at if he had said in 1800 that metals could be extracted from their ores by electricity or that portraits could be drawn by chemistry. Michael Faraday

[Chemistry] laboratory work was my first challenge. ... I still carry the scars of my first discovery-that test-tubes are fragile. Edward Teller

The greatest tragedy for a good quotation is to be anonymous; and for the bad one, is to be known and famous! Mehmet Murat Ildan

In the realm of pop celebrity, the bar has been lowered so far that there is no bar. People can be famous for being famous, famous for being infamous, famous for having once been famous and, thanks largely to the Internet, famous for not being famous at all. Tom Shales

Being humble is cooler than being famous. Robin S. Sharma

I never enjoyed being famous. Elaine Paige

I never pursued being 'famous.' Francesca Annis

There is this power that comes with being famous. Rod Stewart

He [William Harvey] did not care for chymistrey, and was wont to speake against them with an undervalue. John Aubrey

I do not know whether you are fond of chemical reading. There are some things in this science worth reading. Thomas Jefferson

What are the most brilliant of our chymical discoveries compared with the invention of fire and the metals? Benjamin Disraeli

I don't want to be famous for being famous. Kelli Ohara



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