Change Is Inevitable Progress Is Optional


Change is inevitable. Progress is optional . Tony Robbins

Change is inevitable. Growth is optional. John C Maxwell

Change is inevitable, progress is not. Max Mckeown

Change is inevitable; but progress depends on what we do with that change. Charles Wheelan

Facing difficulties is inevitable. Learning from them is optional. John C Maxwell

Pain is inevitable. Misery is optional Barbara Johnson

Struggle is inevitable, Growth is optional. Sandra Good

Challenges are inevitable, Defeat is optional. Roger Crawford

Where progress is desire, change is Inevitable. Matthew Ashimolowo

Pain is inevitable, it eventually touches us all. Suffering is optional. Sean Stephenson

Pain is inevitable, but misery is optional. We cannot avoid pain, but we can avoid joy. Tim Hansel

Change is a given; growth, however, is optional. Orrin Woodward

Survival is optional. No one has to change. W Edwards Deming

Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional. Anonymous

Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional. M. Kathleen Casey

Being challenged in life is inevitable, being defeated is optional. Roger Crawford

Conflict is inevitable but combat is optional. Max Lucado

Change is not only likely, it's inevitable. Barbara Sher

Change is inevitable. Change is constant. Benjamin Disraeli

Change is inevitable in music - things change. John Coltrane



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