Chances and Regret Quotes


I regret that I can't sit in the stands and watch me. Bo Belinsky

I regret what I did but it was in my personal time and I therefore hope that it does not reflect on the show Richard Bacon

He treated me like a son and I let him down. I must take some responsibility for him getting the sack. I regret letting him down so much. Kieron Dyer

I regret the time and resources needed to undertake this but... it is right to lay this accusation to rest. David Blunkett

Too often I am jealous and my jealousy leads me to say things-things-that I regret. Kate Mosse

My regret was immediate and permanent and useless. John Green

it is better to act and repent than not to act and regret. Niccolo Machiavelli

Never regret. If it's good, it's wonderful. If it's bad, it's experience. Jean Plaidy

My religion is to live and die without regret. Milarepa

Accept life, and you must accept regret. Henri Frederic Amiel

in February there is everything to hope for and nothing to regret. Patience Strong

Regret leads to overeating and naps. Mason Cooley

He was sick with lust and mesmerized with regret Joseph Heller

You'll regret the day you ever messed with Philadelphia Collins and sons Phil Collins

The only things I regret, and the only things I'll ever regret are things I didn't do. In the end, that's what we mourn. The paths we didn't take. The people we didn't touch. Scott Spencer

Why do what you will regret? Why bring tears upon yourself? Do only what you do not regret, And fill yourself with joy. Gautama Buddha

Regret is an odd emotion because it comes only upon reflection. Regret lacks immediacy, and so its power seldom influences events when it could do some good. William O'Rourke

Chances rule men and not men chances. Herodotus

When you walk around braced for impact, you're dramatically decreasing your chances. Your chances to avoid the outcome you fear, your chances to make a difference, and your chances to breathe and connect. Seth Godin

But lost chances are as much a part of life as chances taken, and a story cannot dwell on what might have been. Paul Auster



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